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Three upcoming screenings of systematic experimental cinema by Simon Payne with Nicky Hamlyn, Neil Henderson and Jennifer Nightingale at Close-Up (London), BEEF/Cube Cinema (Bristol) and Light Cone/Scratch Projections (Paris).

Simon Payne has been committed to making abstract cinema for twenty years. His videos are predominantly orientated around bold graphic forms and highly structured sequences that produce unexpected colour combinations and conflicting planes. Sometimes there are contingent elements that correspond with incidental indications of the artist’s hand, but his approach to cinema is primarily objective. The systems that underpin Simon Payne’s videos involve the entirety of the screen and every edge, while the effect of these systems often spill out of the screen, to illuminate the cinema in remarkable ways. This programme, originally commissioned by Lightcone (Paris), also includes 16mm films by three friends and colleagues: Nicky Hamlyn, Neil Henderson and Jennifer Nightingale. Despite the difference in medium, several shared principles span their work. Each of them sees explicit processes and time-based structures as the essence of cinema. Systems Cinema also celebrates the launch of a new DVD by Simon Payne that includes several works from 2010-2018. It is the second compilation of his work on the RGB label, which has published DVDs by Nick Collins, Nicky Hamlyn, Neil Henderson and  Samantha Rebello. Systems Cinema and other RGB DVDs will be available at these screenings. They are also available from the BFI and LUX.



Martes, Noviembre 26, 2019 (Todo el día)
Viernes, Noviembre 29, 2019 (Todo el día)
Martes, Diciembre 3, 2019 (Todo el día)