Stan Brakhage and Home Movies

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No other avant-garde filmmaker explored and celebrated the aesthetics of home movies with more fervor and complexity than Brakhage, most notably in his Songs, Sincerity, Nightmare, and Duplicity series. This program, selected by his wife Marilyn Brakhage, is a sampling of this work. Program 95 min.

15 Song Traits. 1965. USA. Directed by Stan Brakhage. 28 min.
This selection from Brakhage’s 30-film Songs cycle offers interrelated portraits of artists, friends, and family, among them poet Michael McClure, sculptor Angelo Di Benedetto, his wife Jane, and their dog Durin.

Sincerity. 1973. USA. Directed by Stan Brakhage. 26 min.
Drawing on “energies and images” from the first 20 years of his life, Brakhage described the film “as a graph of light equivalent to autobiographical thought process.”

Nightmares Series. 1978. USA. Directed by Stan Brakhage. 19 min.
In homage to Sigmund Freud and Surrealism, Brakhage offers “visual alternatives” to the understanding of dreams.

Duplicity III. 1980. USA. Directed by Stan Brakhage. 22 min.
With superimpositions, Brakhage extends “previous visual manifestations” of the term in the series, evoking drama and humanity in the equation.

This session accompanies To Save and Project: The 17th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation, and Home Movie Weekend.



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