Spatial-Golding, ‘Decompression’

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British-Australian live cinema artist Sally Golding, winner of the 2017 Oram Award, and UK electronic musician and creative technologist Spatial work together to create an immersive space situated between cinema and club. Their performances unravel in the spirit of a ‘happening’ – an encounter between audiences, space and the elements of cinematic abstraction – which they explore via their interest in expanded cinema and sound system culture.  ‘Decompression’ turns the auditorium upside down and inside out, with a generative audiovisual composition using sound, programmed LED lighting and smoke interfering with projection beams activating the space of the cinema. The performance explores the frequency of light and sound, creating a sensory and hypnotic live set which challenges the viewer’s expectation of auditory and visual perception. Specially made for Tyneside Cinema's 'Projection' series of artist film.

'The British born, London based Australian artist has created dozens of installations and performances in recent years, straddling lines between expanded cinema and sound art. She ceremonially piles dizzying sensations onto audiences, from the trembling light of multiple projectors to the serrated noise pulsations of the scores.' –The Wire



Jueves, Septiembre 27, 2018 - 19:30


  • 10 Pilgrim Street
    NE1 6QG   Newcastle upon Tyne
    United Kingdom
    54° 58' 26.0076" N, 1° 36' 42.6024" W