Space Material, Immaterial Place: Films by Jeremy Moss

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Filmmaker Jeremy Moss, whose work has screened around the globe from the Crossroads Film Festival in San Francisco to the Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival in Indonesia, brings a 60-minute program of recent moving image work. In the summer of 2011, Moss began expanding beyond his narrative training to fully explore lyrical and structural tendencies, creating the Super8 surrealist documentary Those Inescapable Slivers Of Celluloid, the abstract hand-made 16mm films produced at the Independent Imaging Retreat, The Sight and Cicatrix, the dance for camera pieces in collaboration with choreographer Pamela Vail, (Un)Tethered, Chroma, and That Dizzying Crest, and the essay film in collaboration with writer Erik Anderson, The Blue Record. As a program, these works cohesively embody an immersive optical and sonic experience revealing cinema’s capacity for both meditative expression and the rigors of collaboration.

- The Blue Record (2013, 16mm to digital video, 17 min)
- Cicatrix (2014, 16mm to digital video, 7 min)
- (Un)Tethered (2014, digital video, 10 min)
- Those Inescapable Slivers Of Celluloid (2011, Super8 to digital video, 7 min)
- Chroma (2012, digital video, 4 min)
- That Dizzying Crest (2013, 16mm to digital video, 11 min)
- The Sight (2012, 16mm to digital video, 4 min)

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Chroma (Jeremy Moss, 2012)



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