Sound Screening Vol.5

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Sound Screening explores expansion of visual and auditory sensation. minoru sato –m/s is an artist who captures physical elements and phenomena by his self‐made device. He will show a work about interaction of light, heat and sound. Shinkan Tamaki will show his latest video work which observes earth rotation, change in the atmosphere, spatial form, and so on.

minoru sato –m/s
Shinkan Tamaki

minoru sato –m/s
minoru sato -m/s is a japanese artist. he has an interest in a relationship between a description of nature and an art representation, and he is creating art works per physical phenomena and various concepts. in addition, he has several music projects - solo, collaboration with ASUNA and so on. He had run an artist label called 'WrK(1994-2006)' Moreover, He has researched Alvin Lucier's works lately.

Shinkan Tamaki
Born in 1982, Japan. Artist in search of never-before-seen images and new perceptual experience. He started making moving image with 16mm film in 2006. Main theme is to lead the audience’s perception to change naturally and sometimes drastically bycoming and going across borders between image and non-image, sound and image with extracting film’s materiality. Recently, He performs to transform optical phenomenon into moving image.

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Shinkan Tamaki
Shinkan Tamaki



Domingo, Julio 2, 2017 (Todo el día)
  • 3-30-8 Kamishakujii Nerima-ku
    35° 43' 50.4192" N, 139° 35' 33.8388" E