Sonic Cinema: Austrian synaesthetic cinema feat. TWIXT live A/V + Q&A

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Please note that all of the films in this programme contain flashing and strobing images. 

Sonic Cinema is thrilled to present an evening of recent films by Austrian audiovisual artists exploring the boundaries of perception. Through the concepts of visual music and synaesthesia –a neurological condition that causes a blending of the senses– these formally adventurous works blur the boundaries between the visual and sonic arts. From glitching algorithmic compositions to deconstructions of genre cinema, this programme features six digital projections by Tina Frank, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Rainer Kohlberger, NO1, Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger, followed by Billy Roisz’ and Dieter Kovačič’s live A/V performance TWIXT

Billy Roisz and Dieter Kovačič (TWIXT) will be in conversation with Atau Tanaka following their performance.

Programmed by Oliver Dickens. Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum London, Radiant Circus, Sixpackfilm and Cafe OTO. Special thanks to Fielding Hope, Vanessa Fewster, Richard Clark, Isabelle Piechaczyk, Gerald Weber, Andy Jenkin, and Gareth Evans.

Dedicated to the memory of Louis Benassi and Peter Rehberg.


  • Frozen Jumper (Tina Frank, 2020, 7 min)
  • HEAT (Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger, 2020, 16 min)
  • Thorax (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, 2019, 8 min)
  • ROTOЯ | Sonic Body (NO1, 2020, 13 min)
  • not even nothing can be free of ghosts (Rainer Kohlberger, 2016, 11 min)
  • Who´s Afraid Of RGB (Billy Roisz, 2019, 8 min)
  • TWIXT - live AV performance (Billy Roisz & Dieter Kovačič, 45 min)

Total: 108 min





Sonic Cinema is a research project and event series by Oliver Dickens, exploring the intersection of moving-image, sound art and experimental music practice.


TWIXT is a new duo-project bringing together Billy Roisz’ and Dieter Kovačič’s (a.k.a. dieb13) works as film directors and their activities as live musicians. Over the years, the two have directed and produced several experimental short films dealing with classical film genres such as horror, westerns, or road movies. The films explore the inner mechanisms of well established cinematic conventions and turn them into an immediate sensual experience. TWIXT uses re-arranged footage of these short films as a score for a live soundtrack and fuses abstract and concrete imagery and sounds into a synaesthetical and synecstatical media-meltdown.


Born in 1967, Billy Roisz started to work intensively with video and sound in the late 1990´s. Since then she became one of the best-known figures in the Austrian experimental scene. Her work focuses on the links and gaps between visual and auditive perception. Active for over a decade as a video and sound artist her work has been presented at various international festivals (Berlinale, Biennale Sao Paolo) and galleries and museums such as Tate Modern and Centre Pompidou. She is co-organizer/ programmer of the annual REHEAT Festival. She lives and works in Vienna.


Born in 1973, Dieter Kovačič, performs under the stage name Dieb13 and makes avant-garde music. As a musician he has played over 500 shows, solo as well as in duets, orchestras, small and large ensembles. He has produced music for many theatre, opera and video productions, as well as installations and exhibitions internationally. He also works as a director and composer of short films. He lives and works in Vienna.


Atau Tanaka is an artist and researcher who uses EMG muscle sensing to turn the human body into a musical instrument. His first inspirations came upon meeting John Cage during his Norton Lectures. In the 1990s he formed Sensorband with Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide and in the Japanoise scene played alongside Merzbow, Otomo, KK Null. His trio, Sensors_Sonics_Sights was with Thereminist Laurent Dailleau and visual artist Cecile Babiole. He has performed in John Peel’s Meltdown at London Southbank, in the French improvised music scene with Camel Zekri, Metamkine, Le Quan Ninh, and Michel Doneda, and in duo with Adam Parkinson (aka Dane Law), and with the visual artist Lillevan. He has releases on Sub Rosa, Bip-hop, Caipirinha Music, Touch/Ash, Sonoris, Sirr-ecords, NX Records and is commissioning editor for the Sonics Series at Goldsmiths Press.


Cafe Oto - London, Reino Unido


Viernes, Mayo 6, 2022 - 19:30



Viernes, Mayo 6, 2022 - 19:30


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