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A selection of Contemporary Super8 Films from Brazil curated by Tetsuya Maruyama. at MONO NO AWARE - NYC

- Revém Natura - Ж - 7’ -s8 double-projection - silent - 2013“Earth” (that is any something) “has no escape from heaven (that is nothing)” (Eckhart on Hochheim) Revém Natura, formed part of a larger research called CI.NE (Natural Expanded Cinema) – an attempt to produce a bio-centered, bio-rhythmic cinema, in contact with the non- human. A practical experience of incorporation of Amerindian perspectivism in the cinema-system. The experience of situating this system – from the Super 8 film (thrown and recovered from the sea) and its devices (screen, projectors) - in a sympoiesis (doing with) with the living system, with the water, the sea, the “environment”. A simple attempt to demolish the false split nature/culture, a suggestion of anthropophagic cinema, “anthropophagy: swallowing the environment” (H. Oiticica).

- A Film is a Battleground - Nikolas Candido - 5' - s8 single-projection - digital sound - 2022 First the sound over the white tip. Metallic noise. Letters. Dismembered letters. The warlike sound. The stains. Red layers on white. A fragment of sound and image textures Brief attempts to escape from a confined flux. sun, a simulacrum, a crude copy of the colorful chaos, to support life.

- Dedentro - Mateus Rosa - 3’ - s8 single projection - digital sound - 2018 This film is an ancestral experience about the emergence of humanity, of how they moved through the mud in their first moments of life. It was filmed during the artist residencyResonâncias da Dança de Eva Maria.

- Visita ao Museu / Visit to the museum - Lígia Teixeira & Francisco Benvenuto - 4’ - s8 single projection - digital sound -2021 An afternoon at the museum, one soup of flowers and blueberries. Filmed while in quarantine during the covid-19 pandemic. Developed at home with blueberry, autumn flowers and herbs soup. March 2021.

- Véu II / Veil II - Rodrigo Faustini - 3’ - BW s8 single projection - digital sound - 2022 “Veil” is a series that depends on chance and opportunity: access to film projection, screening venue, some mysterious roll of film as image, detuned AM radio for sound. “Veil I” was the projection of a roll of film shot on a camera revived after 40 years of rest. “Veil  II” is the first public projection of a roll of film found undeveloped on the streets of Brazil, shot in kodachrome circa 1974 and processed as B&W negative in 2020: chance images of ghosts, veiled by time, codified by intimacy, void of context and color, they reassemble anew on the screen.

- Ressucita-me / Resurrect Me - Coletivo Atos da Mooca - 6’ - s8 single projection - digital sound - 2017 In front of the spinning wheel, the old woman spinning. Between cocoons-skeins, the child at play. Thread, fabric, texture, text - a discourse on language, on process. "Resurrect me" is the poetic-experimental result of a collective construction filmed in Super 8, in a single shot. Cine-trance.

- Metamorphosis of Narcissus or an Onion On the Head - Duo Strangloscope & Ángel Rueda - 5’ - s8 double-projection -silent - 2016 What does this boy have to look at himself in the mirror all day? An onion on the head. Man becomes a vegetable through the heavy sleep of fatigue and the gods by the transparent hypnosis of their passions. But you, Narcissus, formed by fearful fragrant manifestations of transparent adolescence, you sleep like a flower of water. Narcissus, in his immobility, absorbed by his reflection with the digestive slowness of carnivorous plants, becomes invisible. All that remains of him is the hallucinating curve of whiteness of his head, the head again more delicate, the head held on the tips of the fingers of the foolish hand, the terrible hand, the coprophagic hand, the mortal hand of his own reflection. When this head cracks, when this head splits, when this head violently shatters, it will be the flower, the new Narcissus, Leandro - our love.

- Confined Flux - Helder Martinovsky - 3’ - s8 single projection - digital sound - 2022

Brief attempts to escape from a confined flux.

- Rasgos / Rips - Rosana Cacciatore - 3’ - s8 single projection - digital sound - 2022 To protect themselves from the wild chaos, human beings build amazing fortresses  around themselves, but this protection suffocates them, so they paint a window to the sun, a simulacrum, a crude copy of the colorful chaos, to support life.

- Ode to Young People - Natália Poli - 3’ - s8 single projection- digital sound - 2022 A distant collection of insect corpses. What's left. A distant collection of human bones. What's left. Vanitas symbols, memento mori. Finitude. Ephemerality. Impermanence.

- ANTFILM - Tetsuya Maruyama - 2’ - s8 single projection - magnetic sound on film- 2021 How can one go against the system when you are part of it?


MONO NO AWARE - Nueva York, Estados Unidos


Jueves, Abril 7, 2022 - 19:00



Jueves, Abril 7, 2022 - 19:00


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