IN SITU - Matthew Wolkow and Jean-Jacques Martinod

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IN SITU is a series that focuses on unique audiovisual works by local artists passionate about cinematic material, moving images and social dynamics.

[Musical performance by Philippe Battikha]

Dialogue du Tigre
Matthew Wolkow | 2017 | Super 8 to Super 16 digitized | colour and b&w  | 18 mins

Beginning at the » Doors of Hell « , on the » Path of the Burned » , this tale is a dialog; an encounter between an entomologist, a professional curious, and a tiger, also known as Papilio canadensis or Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

La Bala de Sandoval
Jean-Jacques Martinod | 2019 | Super 16mm to Digital | colour and b&w | 17 mins

Ecuador: Isidro meanders through the rainforest as he and his brother recount the times he found himself face-to-face with death itself.

New work in progress (Matthew Wolkow and Jean-Jacques Martinod)
2021| Super 16mm digitized | Colour | 8 mins

New film by Jean Jacques Martinod
2021 | Super 16mm to Digital | colour & b&w | 17 mins

Matthew Wilkow
Animated with a curiosity for new knowledge, Matthew Wolkow creates a cinema revealing the persons he meets and the stories that come along. Situated between essay and experimentation, rubbing the real, the imaginary, speech, words and sensorialities, his work beneficiates from this hybridity where form is approached as a resolution. In October 2021, the Cinémathèque québécoise screened his first retrospective.

Jean-Jacques Martinod
Jean-Jacques Martinod is a filmmaker, transmedia artist, curator, educator and radio DJ. His works study locales as deterritorialized landscapes in a practice that considers the interrelations inherent in fluctuating psychic geographies and expanded human experience. Utilizing certain traditions within documentary practice and experimental media, his works endeavor to interrogate sensory cognition in relation to the natural world and potential mythopoetic structures. His work has screened in museums, galleries, film festivals and independent artist-led spaces including The Museum of the Moving Image, Cinemateca do MAM Rio de Janeiro, Centre PHI, IFFR, Sheffield Doc/Fest, FIDMarseille, Mar del Plata, European Media Arts Festival, 25FPS, Images Festival, Frontera Sur, Camden International Film Festival, Fracto, Experiments in Cinema, among many others.


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Jueves, Diciembre 2, 2021 - 19:00
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