IN SITU: Erin Weisgerber & Richard Kerr

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As part of the screening series IN SITU, la lumière collective in collaboration with Double Negative Collective presents : ERIN WEISGERBER & RICHARD KERR

Richard Kerr’s reflection on his travels and the materiality of his photographs with Erin Weisgerber’s abstracted portraits of people and places dear to her, together reveal two different sides of the poetic essay and embodied cinema.

Jeremy Young’s improvisational and compositional techniques are influenced by Cagean aleatoricism as well as haptics-based praxis and deep listening.


Jerusalem in my Heart | 2020 | 16mm to digital | colour & b&w | sound | 6 mins 12 secs

Jerusalem in my Heart is a project made of Erin Weisgerber (image) and Radwan Moumneh (sound).

Filmed along fault lines. A cut in the earth. A line in the sand. Qalouli. They told me.

Erin Weisgerber | 2014| 16mm | b&w | sound | 5 mins



1 – a) A visible mark, such as a footprint, made or left by the passage of a person, animal, or thing. 

b) Evidence or an indication of the former presence or existence of something; a vestige.

2 – A barely perceivable indication.

Jerusalem in my Heart | 2021 | 16mm | b&w | optical sound | 3 mins 16 secs

Istashraktak is a 16mm film created by the audio-visual duo Jerusalem in my Heart for their boxed-set version of the album Qalaq.

The 16mm film functions as a stand-alone creation, but it can also be played alongside the song Istashraktak from the album Qalaq. 

When the album track and film are played together they create a new third experience: the film audio and album audio combine to offer a new version of the song, while the album audio creates a new soundtrack for the film.

Untitled Work in Progress
Erin Weisgerber | 2022 | 16mm to digital | colour & b&w | 12 mins

New Work in Progress [Field Trip]
Richard Kerr | 2021| 35mm to digital | colour | Sound | 49 mins 48 secs

Field Trip is a travelogue through the American social landscape.The photographs were intended as visual research for future film projects and were accumulated over numerous location scouting trips to the United States between 1980 and 1995. Over time I came to view this archive of travel photography as a body of work with historical and personal value. Over the years, I began re-working the photographs. The more I handled and touched them I began to understand them less as photographs and more as material that could be shaped by hand, altered, transformed, and reimagined. With Three Voices for Joan LaBarbara, Composition by Morton Feldman.

IN SITU is a series that focuses on unique audiovisual works by local artists passionate about cinematic material, moving images and social dynamics.


la lumière collective - Montréal, Canadá


Martes, Octubre 26, 2021 - 18:45



Martes, Octubre 26, 2021 - 18:45
  • 7080, rue Alexandra
    Montréal, Quebec
    45° 31' 53.5872" N, 73° 37' 8.3388" W