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She Tales is a collective screening from both past and present female members of LaborBerlin. The wide spectrum of analogue methodologies in this non-thematic screening reflects the diverse constellations of conceptual and aesthetic pursuits of filmmakerin working at LaborBerlin.

- Bilderbuch (Luisa Greenfield 3 min, 16mm, live sound, 2017)
On the value of scraps - A live lecture performance on Walter Benjamin's children's chronicle in 3 minutes.  

- Beyrouth, Automne 2005 (Leïla Saadna 8 min, 16mm, silent, 2005)
“(...) dans un Beyrouth encore ravagé par la guerre, un récit de rencontres entre l’eau et le béton troué de la ville, un film muet qui est aussi la trace d’une autre rencontre, celle de la cinéaste avec un outil du cinéma, la tireuse optique, par le biais duquel les éléments temporels sont déstructurés et réinventés.” Stefano Canapa  

- Wald (Clara Bausch 6 min, 16mm, optical sound, 2017)
Once a woman went through a forest. She kept coming back. Sounds of her memory followed her. Then the leaves allowed distance. They told her a story.  

- Personal Space (Margie Medlin 5 min, digital video, stereo sound, 2009)
A real-time duet between a dancer and a robot camera.  Choreographer Lea Anderson, Dance Carlee Mellow, Robot camera designed by Gerald Thompson.  

- A dream of becoming 24 eyes, 4 paralell brains & 360 vision (Doireann O’Malley 6 min, Super 8/16mm transferred to digital, 2014)
The film comments on abstract thoughts which relate to consciousness, interior experience, sexuality, movement and space perception. The film is a compilation of fragments and citations from my personal archive: it comprises moments and experiences that float on a mirage of time. The immersion into the ‘innerscape’ (Seelenlandschaft) is guided by the fragile, glassy, curt yet delicate narrative voice, that crosses in a chiasmatic fashion anecdotic life-events. Moving images selected from everyday life subtly face a profane form of confession: a differential comprehension of the ‘social phenomenon’ becomes possible. Autobiographical elements that are to be heard through the narrative voice, set up a rich constellation of socially significant phenomena that issue: religion, education, intimacy, repetition (on the oscillatory movement related to praying and naming God) and yet, the subversion of all the aforementioned. The subverted topics denoted array from rebellion on dogma, to fear and homophobia, castration, desire and a theatrical ghost ball.   

- Leaving-Verlassen (Katrin Eissing 5 min, 16mm, silent, work in progress)
Streets like rubberbands and invisible bondings,"in dreams I leave that places again and again.”... Fare-well... Camera: Susanne Schüle, Katrin Eissing   

- Work in progress_copie zero (Sophie Watzlawick 7 min, 16mm, optical sound) 


- Purim (Deborah S. Phillips 5 min, 16mm, optical sound, 1996)
Long ago in ancient Persia, Queen Esther saved the Jews there from a massacre: Beauty and Justice prevail. 2 floating worlds - blue and red, and earth tones. We celebrate Purim in remembrance.  

- Blurred II (Sari Maarit Cedergren 2 min, S8 transferred to video, silent, 2016)
The subject is the movement of light, set in the form of film. I am approaching fleeting moments in the environment. The subject is related to time, conditions of natural light and weather.  

- Oração ao Tempo (Melissa Dullius 7 min 30s, 16mm, live sound, work in progress)
The film invites to the observation of relatives and friends portrayed by the filmmaker in Brazil.  Dedicated to time, three survivors and one misunderstanding.  

- In loving memory of the future (Laurence Favre 7 min 30s, S8 to HD, stereo, 2012)
Questioning the (non-) veracity of images, In loving memoy of the future creates the memory of a moment that never existed. It is the encounter between real fake amateur archive images, and tales from third-age Americans. They tell recollections of their early years, reminding their need for freedom, carefreeness, and projections of their future.   

- Self portrait as self care as war fare (Imogen Heath 2 min, 8mm to digital, silent, 2017)
We will make art to become strong.  

- Sea of Vapors (Sylvia Schedelbauer 15 min, Super 8/16mm transferred to digital, stereo sound, 2014)
A cascade of images cut frame by frame flow into an allegory of the lunar cycle.  


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De Viernes, Junio 30, 2017 - 20:00 hasta Sábado, Julio 1, 2017 - 19:55



De Viernes, Junio 30, 2017 - 20:00 hasta Sábado, Julio 1, 2017 - 19:55


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