Saul Levine: Radical Correspondent

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Saul Levine is one of the leading figures in the autobiographical tradition within underground cinema. His films are often marked by a direct confrontation with the fragile material of 8mm, and the resulting works bear the marks of his construction, splices appearing like indentions in concrete. Through his films, Levine is a messenger of radical American politics, and of a distinctly anti-imperialist sensibility, a lineage following Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, and other American artists whose imagination and creativity was indivisible from their moral and political beliefs. This program provides a small glimpse of his massive oeuvre, focusing on the Notes, a series of films that he has made since the mid-1960s when he was the editor of New Left Notes, the newsletter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Notes included in this program are bookended by Levine’s first film and one of his most recent, encompassing half a century of revolutionary filmmaking. (S. Broomer)

Co-presentation with 8 fest; Small-Gauge Film Festival
Curated by Stephen Broomer

- Salt of the Sea, 1965, Regular 8, 4:00
- Note One, 1968, Regular 8, 6:28
- Note to Erik, 1966-1968, Regular 8, 4:18
- Lost Note, 1968-1969, Regular 8, 10:21
- Note to Poli, 1982-1983, Super 8, 2:51
- Notes After a Long Silence, 1984-1989, Super 8, 16:21
- Falling Notes Unleaving, 2013, Super 8, 13:00
- Dead Day Window Display, 2015, Super 8, 4:00


De Viernes, Enero 27, 2017 - 19:00 hasta Sábado, Enero 28, 2017 - 18:55


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