Sara Bonaventura: Come Se Il Colore Stesse A Guardarti

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On Tuesday, May 30 at 19.30 Adiacenze is inaugurating an exhibition of the work of Sara Bonaventura curated by Ester Grossi “Come Se Il Colore Stesse A Guardarti” (As If The Color Was Looking At You). With the curatorial guidance of artist Ester Grossi, Sara Bonaventura tries to process color in an immersive experience where the spectator becomes an integral part of the works presented in the exhibition. Two are  the subjects of the exhibition: color and human beings, two bodies that are in constant dialogue, envisioned by a do ut des of non-verbal expressions, which can be disturbing or reconciling, repealing or inclusive.

Two main works are presented, each one in a single exhibiting space of the gallery. The show opens with a video installation: a triptych which is a site specific reinterpretation of the video Traits Féminins previously created by Sara Bonaventura in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Annamaria Ajmone. The main idea of the video was to create a hybrid of choreia and graphia through a process of animation. During her recent residence at Signal Culture in Owego (NY), Bonaventura transformed the video using analog synthesizers, voltage control knobs and cables. As a result, the meaning has been modified making color a predominant visual element, giving way to a dance of colors.

In the basement space the spectator will be able to enter the second, fully immersive part of the exhibition, inside the rainbow. The presence of color, which was prevalent and invasive in the first installation, becomes three-dimensional in the second part of the exhibition. The spectator, who had previously become part of the work, but still in a passive way, is now fully surrounded and integrated, becoming a subject and a co-protagonist of the work alongside color, movement and the three-dimensional space.

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Come Se Il Colore Stesse A Guardarti, by Sara Bonaventura - performer Annamaria Ajmone
Come Se Il Colore Stesse A Guardarti, by Sara Bonaventura - performer Annamaria Ajmone



De Martes, Mayo 30, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Sábado, Junio 24, 2017 (Todo el día)


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