Retracted Cinema (Redux)

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This one-hour program presents fifteen experimental shorts that focus on recontextualizing found or archival footage via algorithmic intervention. The work presented in the Retracted Cinema program use the appropriated film material itself as the site and means of auto-recontextualisation. Inspired by tendencies within conceptual art and Oulipo, the results are achieved by applying a set of rules or constraints (an algorithm) that governs a repeatable (iterative) array of transformations. In this way, the program forges a bridge linking the algorithmic impulses within the traditions of avant-garde cinema, literature, and visual art.

Filmmakers include: Gregg Biermann (Happy Again, 2006), Blanca Rego (Psycho 60/98, 2016), Albert Alcoz (Home Movie Holes, 2009), Keith Sanborn (Energy of Delusion, 2010-22), Vitor Magalhães (Naturalezas Mortas: Em Seis Movimentos, 2020), Gonzalo Egurza (17-17, 2017), Taller Estampa (¿Qué es lo que ves, YOLO9000?, 2017-18), Eugenio Tisselli (Media Trash, 2002), Eloi Puig (Torvix: Pate Risxas, 2020), Barbara Lattanzi (De-dramatization Engine, 2006), Peter Freund (Floating Point, 2020), and E.P. (1.618 Things I Know About Her, 2020).

The program is presented as a special session within the 11th annual Family Film Project festival, Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 3:20 in Cinema Trindade, Oporto, Portugal. Masterclass by curator Peter Freund precedes screening at 2:30.


Sábado, Octubre 22, 2022 - 15:20


  • Rua do Almada 412
    4050-034   Oporto
    41° 9' 1.764" N, 8° 36' 43.2828" W