Reel to Reel -to JONAS MEKAS- BY Chihiro ITO

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Reel to Reel -to Jonas Mekas-

at Mana Contemporary 5th fl. 888 Newark Ave. Jersey City NJ 07306

On view through Jun 31, 2024

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Visiting hours: by appointment, please email us to schedule your visit: [email protected]

Embracing the enduring legacy of Jonas Mekas, a visionary who dedicated his life to democratizing film, media, and art, the Monira Foundation and the Jonas Mekas Studio welcomed Chihiro Ito for a six-month-supported Residency and Fellowship in which he worked to support Sebastian Mekas in enhancing the archives and to create new works inspired by that archive. With unwavering commitment, Ito delves into the studio’s rich repository, collaborating with Sebastian Mekas to preserve archival treasures and craft new artistic marvels for ‘Reel to Reel – Jonas Mekas.’ Each week, he immerses himself in the studio’s treasures, infusing them with new life and meaning.‘

The concept of this project is to bring the archive materials to life in the present through my reinterpretation. Jonas’s spirit continues even after his passing, much like how a film moves from one reel to another,’ – Chihiro.

This exhibition is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.


About the artist:

Chihiro ITO is a Japanese painter and multi-media artist. He was born in Tokyo where studied painting at Musashino Art University, also He took a continuing education writing course at the School of Visual Arts. He was an invited artist at European Capital of Culture events in Portugal, Cyprus, and Serbia. In 2018, he received a grant from the Japanese government to come to the US, where he began documenting the remaining living artists associated with Fluxus. He encountered the Artist Jonas Mekas during his NYC visit. After these experiences, he began to make experimental films and poetry. He is the recipient of a Holbein award (2017), an NYFA grant (2021), a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation grant (2021), an award from Monira Foundation(2022), Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts(2022), BronxArtSpace(2022), The Poetry Project(2022). He also got an award to participate in Creative Rebuild New York’s first basic income project for a New York Artist. His activities are MoMA PS1, Governors Island, Pioneer Works, Queens Museum, Mizuma & Kip’s Gallery, etc. In his art, he looks for the opportunity in poetry to connect ordinary objects and everyday experiences to people across geopolitical boundaries. He immigrated to NYC.


Reel to Reel -to Jonas Mekas- 伊藤知宏個展

場所: Mana Contemporary 5th fl. 888 Newark Ave. Jersey City NJ 07306

期間: 2024年4月1日-6月31日

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 [email protected]




伊藤はスタジオの豊富な倉庫内で没頭し、セバスチャン・メカスと協力してアーカイブの宝物を保存し、『Reel to Reel – Jonas Mekas-』のために新しい芸術的驚異を創り出しています。彼は毎週、スタジオの宝物のリサーチに没頭し、それらに新たな命と意味を与えています。



伊藤知宏(Chihiro ITO)は日本の画家、マルチ・メディア・アーティスト、東京出身。





ブロンクス・アート・スペース(2022年)を受賞。ポエトリープロジェクト(2022年)やThe Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts(2022年)などのからもスカラーシップを受賞しました。また、NYのアーティスト向けの初の実験的なアーティスト向けベーシックインカム・プロジェクト、クリエイティブ・リビルド・NYも受賞。彼の活動はMoMA PS1、ガバナーズアイランド、パイオニアワークス、クイーンズ美術館、ミズマ&キプスギャラリー、Christie’s NY Galleryなどで行われています。


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Jonas Mekas Studio - Jersey City, Estados Unidos


De Lunes, Abril 1, 2024 - 12:00 hasta Domingo, Junio 30, 2024 - 17:10



De Lunes, Abril 1, 2024 - 12:00 hasta Domingo, Junio 30, 2024 - 17:10
  • 888 Newark Ave.
    Mana Contemporary 5th fl.
    07306   Jersey City, New Jersey
    United States
    40° 44' 13.0848" N, 74° 4' 8.1192" W