Queer Moving Image Review November Screening

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Queer Moving Image Review is a new online exhibition space created to showcase time-based visual media by queer artists. Each month we’ll be screening one piece in our screening room. Check out this month’s piece is by Nicolas Bermeo and Pauline Gloss, entitled “Greetings From Here: Audio Postcards in Transition”, it is an intentionally lo-fi epistolary record by text-sound artist Pauline Gloss that explores her relationship to trans-identity, mental illness, heartbreak, and a new city. Each card, nine in total, is addressed to an individual, named correspondent. Following the completion of the record, friend and collaborator, Nicolas Bermeo went back to create a visual component to compliment Gloss’s visceral and intimate personal geography in time.




De Miércoles, Noviembre 1, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Jueves, Noviembre 30, 2017 (Todo el día)