Peephole Cinema: Spacetime Singularities

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New works by Bradley Eros, Sarah Halpern, Andrew Lampert
Guest curated by Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti (Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn)

Spacetime Singularities is a program of new moving image works made for the occasion of Peephole Cinema by Bradley Eros, Sarah Halpern and Andrew Lampert. The works, hand shot by each artist in the darkness – of a cave, a nightclub and on the streets of NYC in the wee morning hours – collapse sensations and sounds into a single focus viewing experience in which stalactites appear as sonograms, Kenneth Anger conducts a ceremony on the theremin, and liquid nitrogen tanks become ticking time bombs in the city’s rain-slicked streets. – EB & AM

Reception / BBQ (bring something for the grill)

- Nitrogen Ghost (Bradley Eros, 2015, digital video, color and b&w, sound, 3 minutes)
“A speculative fiction on the mysterious tanks that populate the streets of New York City. A haunted abstraction of metal, steam & luminous objects moving through urban spaces.” – BE

- Interior (Sarah Halpern, 2015, 16mm film transferred to digital, color, silent, 2 minutes)
“An optically printed cave sonogram for hole peeping.” – SH

- Prelude In Anger (Andrew Lampert, 2015, Super 8mm transferred to digital, color, silent, 1 minute 50 seconds)
“Silent documentation of a loud event that you don’t need to hear in order to feel. Kenneth Anger, filmmaker and author, live on the theremin, May 19 2010.” – AL

Bradley Eros is a New York-based artist working in various mediums including film & video, collage, performance, contracted and expanded cinema & installation. Eros works have exhibited and screened extensively in the US and abroad including at The Whitney Biennial, The Whitney Museum’s series “The American Century”, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Andy Warhol Museum, MoMA P.S.1, The New Museum, Anthology Film Archives, Participant Inc., The Kitchen, Performa09, Arsenal (Berlin), Camden Arts Center (London), and The New York, London and Rotterdam Film Festivals. Collaborations include the Alchemical Theater, the band Circle X, Voom HD Lab, and the expanded cinema groups kinoSonik, Arcane Project and currently Optipus. Eros works and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Sarah Halpern works with 16mm film, collage on paper, 35mm slides, music and performance. Her work is largely focused on cinematic time and the active role of the viewer, and has been shown previously at venues including The Museum of Moving Image, The Kitchen, Participant Inc, Anthology Film Archives, and Microscope Gallery. Halpern holds a B.A. in Film and Electronic Arts from Bard College and was awarded a MacDowell Colony Fellowship in 2014. She works and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Andrew Lampert makes moving images, photographs and live performances that deal with whatever he is thinking about, fascinated by or concerned with around the time of production. He has no single focus and is strategically inconsistent, which may or may not be apparent. Lampert has widely exhibited at institutions and festivals including the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Art Gallery of Ontario, MoMA P.S.1, The Getty Museum, The British Film Institute, The International Rotterdam Film Festival, The Toronto International Film Festival and The New York Film Festival. Musical collaborators have included Chris Corsano, Peter Evans, Okkyung Lee, Alan Licht and C. Spencer Yeh among many others. He is editor of the book THE GEORGE KUCHAR READER (Primary Information, 2014) and co-editor of both volumes of HARRY SMITH COLLECTIONS CATALOGUE RAISONNE (J&L Books, 2015). Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) in NYC distributes many of his works. Lampert works and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

About Peephole Cinema Brooklyn:
Peephole Cinema is a “miniature cinema” collective with satellite projects in three cities: San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. In each city, silent film shorts are screened 24/7 through a dime-sized peephole installed in a public location that can be visited anytime day or night. Peephole Cinema Brooklyn is run by Laurie O’Brien and hosted by Union Docs. Guest curators are chosen every two months.

Galería de imágenes: 

Nitrogen Ghost (Bradley Eros, 2015)
Nitrogen Ghost (Bradley Eros, 2015)


UnionDocs - Nueva York, Estados Unidos


Viernes, Julio 24, 2015 - 19:30



Viernes, Julio 24, 2015 - 19:30


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