PAF 2016: Film Labor

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PAF - Festival of Film Animation's section Film Labor presents contemporary experimental productions and activities by filmmakers from so-called artist-run film labs (film laboratories run by the artists themselves). There are more than fifty such groups all over the world dealing with film, in the sense of working with film material. Thanks to the technological and institutional transformation of cinematographic infrastructure, independent artists may now use industrial equipment and instruments that were previously only available in institutions. The aim of the cycle is to reflect their activities, which significantly change the options for film production and are often referred to as “experimental film.” Film Labor will introduce artists from film labs in Grenoble, Barcelona and Berlin.

Guests: Lab MTK: Etienne Caire & Joyce Lainé; Gaelle Rouard (FR), Xavier Quérel (FR); Crater-Lab, Barcelona (ES): Luis Macias & Adriana Vila, Alfredo Costa Monteiro; LaborBerlin, Berlin (DE): Distruktur - Melissa Dulius & Gustavo Jahn



De Jueves, Diciembre 1, 2016 - 17:00 hasta Lunes, Diciembre 5, 2016 - 19:55