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Outcasting and online media distributor, VODO, have joined forces with the support of Arts Council Wales to curate 12 high-quality moving-image artworks over a two-year period and exhibit them to large-scale new audiences internationally.

The partnership will promote works as part of VODO’s event-based release programme between 2013 and 2015, curated by Outcasting with this specific method and context of exhibition in mind. The curatorial framework is governed by selection of material appropriate to small-screen exhibition. Works that address issues of post-digital culture, mass-distribution and online engagement are of particular interest for their resonance with the project context, but programming will not be limited to these.

Deadline: January 1st, 2015

Terms and Conditions:
Proposed works can be any duration.
Exhibiting artists will receive a one-off fee of £200.
All works will be subject to licensing agreement following selection.
Works will be made publicly available on VODO as streams on a time-limited basis between of two to eight weeks and will remain accessible to VODO subscribers after this release period.
Where relevant to artists’ aims and consent, distribution may be facilitated via free-to-share download.

Works can be submitted by the following means:

Please mark all submissions VODO / Outcasting

1. Send a URL if your work is online.
2. Send a data DVD / CD / memory stick with .mov / .aiff / .mp3 / HQ jpeg files of your work to Outcasting, c/o Michael Cousin, 116 Paget Street, Grangetown, Cardiff, United Kingdom. CF11 7LA. Outcasting will now accept submissions in  both Standard and High Definition.
3. Use the dedicated Outcasting channel for ftp transfers up to 2GB in size at https://outcasting.wetransfer.com/
[email protected]

Submissions will now be accepted on a rolling basis and placed with a thematically suitable download package.


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