OFFoff Cinema: Kort Geknipt & De Andere Film - Mare's Tail

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Kort Geknipt (“Cut Short) – later called De Andere Film (“The Other Film)– was a television programme on Belgian television from 1969 until 1976, which showed new, innovative, international, experimental and marginal productions in order to rebel against dominant mainstream narrative cinema. Art Cinema OFFoff revives this programme in honour of this idiosyncratic programme which never eschewed controversy.

For seven years Eric De Kuyper and others brought poetic non-narrative pure cinema to Belgian television screens, like Werner Schroeter’s Eika Katappa (1968), Stephen Dwoskin’s Dyn Amo (1972) and Chantal Akerman’s Saute Ma Ville (1968). The cinematic forms are eclectic and the content is morally challenging. Taboos such as orgies, prostitution, drug use, socialism and homosexuality are not shunned. Enduring sabotage, appalled viewers and internal struggles inevitably bring the programme to an end. De Andere Film was nevertheless a victory for film as an artform. Thanks to the programme, the Belgian audience encountered various underground productions such as Das Neue Kino and London Film-Makers’ Co-Operative.

The 30th of April David Larcher’s Mare’s Tail (1968, 143', colour, 16mm) is screened just like it was during the seventies. “From one flick of the mare’s tail came an unending stream of images out of which was crystallised the milky way”: this is how Larcher himself summarised his cinematic experiment. For years, Larcher collected quasi-autobiographical images in nature, in the city, close to people or completely solitary. Images that since then have been deconstructed completely with negatives, stop-motion, optical prisms and mirroring. It is a journey through Larcher's unconscious, an anthem to visual disorientation, cinema pur sang.  



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