Nobuhiro Aihara Memorial Screening

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Nobuhiro Aihara was born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1944, where he studied at the design school. He began his career in television animation in the 1960s and started producing his own independent animation in 1965.  His aesthetic is distinctive for his use of flowing lines, highly complex drawings, and his love of psychedelic colours.  He was a prolific artist who often produced several animated shorts a year either on his own or in collaboration with his friend and fellow artist the Keiichi Tanaami.  At the time of his death, he left behind 85 animated works.

Aihara's filmography includes "Shelter" (1980) and "My Shelter" (1981) which can only be referred to as experimental documentary, and "apple and girl" (1982) which projects images from the projector on the walls and roof of houses There are many heterogeneous works, such as "Tonbo" (1988) where women's nude and dusk fields are exposed multiple times. I think that it is Nobuhiro Aihara who is an animator with a heterogeneity that is not limited to animation filmmakers in a narrow sense, and that refuses easy classification and interpretation.(Excerpted from Mr. Hirofumi Sakamoto's Flyer's article)

- Grass Snake (1971)
- Moudou (1974)
- Stone No. 1 (1975)
- Stone (1975)
- Stone (outtake) (1975)
- Karma (1977)
- Under the Sun (1979)
- My Shelter (1981)
- Picture (Kage) (1987)
- Gavora (1989)
- Mask (1991)
- Spin (1993)
- Kidou (1994)
- Tinnitus (1995)
- Rain (1995)
- Yellow Fish (1998)
- Memory of Cloud (1997)
- The Third Eye (1999)
- Wind (2001)
- Lotus (2007)
- Zap Cat (2008)

Friday, April 28, 19h
Saturday, April 29, 17h - 18:30h (guest talk) - 19h
Sunday, April 30. 16h - 18h

Guest talk: Hirofumi Sakamoto (image researcher) × Hiroshi Onishi (Professor, Kyoto Art and Design University)


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De Viernes, Abril 28, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Abril 30, 2017 (Todo el día)


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