Nightingale Cinema: Josh Lewis & Simon Liu

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Nightingale Cinema presents Josh Lewis & Simon Liu
Recent 16mm Films from Negativland Lab

The Nightingale welcomes Josh Lewis & Simon Liu as they interweave a selection of their 16mm films made by hand at Negativland MPL, an artist-run film lab in New York City, overlapping in their affinity for experimental processing and printing techniques. With Lewis working predominantly in direct chemical manipulation of exposed film surfaces, and Liu utilizing a roaming impressionistic camera paired with multiple passes on a contact printer, the program establishes the centrality of the Film Lab both as an epistemic concept and as a practical mode of production. Each film emerges out of a continual and rapid cycle of exposing, processing, projecting, repeat. As such, the films here are rarely the culmination of a process, but rather worthy points extracted from ongoing lines of investigation.

Filmmakers in attendance!

- Pillager (Josh Lewis, 2011, 16mm, B&W, Optical Sound, 3:30 min.)
- Chorus (Josh Lewis, 2015, 16mm, Color, Silent, 17 min.)
- The Marshes (Simon Liu, 2016, 16mm, Color, Sound, 11 min.)
- Doubt 3 & 4 (Josh Lewis, 2013, 16mm, Color, Optical Sound, 6 min.)
- Shuffle Cove (Simon Liu, 2016, 16mm, Color, Sound, 8 min.)
- The Past is Past [but there is something now that I regret like I was about to do it] (Josh Lewis, 2015, 16mm Dual Projection, B&W, Silent, 6 min.)
- Harbour City (Simon Liu, 2015, 16mm Dual Projection, Color + B&W, Sound, 14 min.)
- I Guess It's Always Been That Way, I Don't Know Whether That's Important Or Not (Simon Liu, 2016 [Work In Progress], 16mm Triple Projection, Color, Silent, 10 min.)
- Doubt 8 & 9 (Josh Lewis, 2013, 16mm, Color, Silent, 6 min.)



Jueves, Septiembre 29, 2016 - 19:00


  • 1084 N. Milwaukee Avenue
    60642   Chicago, Illinois
    Estados Unidos
    41° 54' 5.4216" N, 87° 39' 49.5216" W