MuMaBoX #55: Brave New World

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Although the films that make up this program show real worlds, they could be seen as many chapters of a dystopian fiction, visions of a planet in perdition: phantasmic, invasive, post-apocalyptic nature (Wayward Fronds); sacked nature (Le Pays dévasté); exiled humans, forced to seek refuge in areas of radio silence (Quiet Zone); a desolate landscape, the sinister and worrying ruins of an old radar station (Cobra Mist). Finally, a lugubrious Gotham City disappears in a final cataclysm (Black Rain White Scars), reminiscent of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, which inspired Aldous Huxley for the title of his novel Brave New World.

It is, however, the reality of our contemporary world in which the human species seems to create the conditions for its own disappearance.

- Wayward Fronds (Fern Silva, 2014, 13’15)
- Le Pays dévasté (Emmanuel Lefrant, 2015, 11’30)
- Quiet Zone (David Bryant & Karl Lemieux, 2014, 14’)
- Cobra Mist (Emily Richardson, 2008, 7’)
- Black Rain White Scars (Lukas Marxt, 2014, 9’)



De Miércoles, Abril 26, 2017 - 18:00 hasta Jueves, Abril 27, 2017 - 17:55
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    76600   Le Havre
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