Movies and music. Creative meeting with director Dmitry Frolov

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Movies and music. Creative meeting with director Dmitry Frolov

DOC-ART Gallery presents Dmitry Frolov, director and cameraman, one of the leaders of Russian art-house experimental cinema, multiple winner of International Festivals of author's cinema, winner of the Taffy Award (for cinematography). The director will present a program of 5 short films: "Above the Lake", "Time Ago", "Wellspring", "The Birth of Music", "Last Love".

Dmitry Frolov was born in Leningrad in 1966. In 1990, he graduated from the Institute of Film and Television. He worked as a cameraman at the LENFILM film studio, and then at the STV film company. As a cameraman, he collaborated with many independent filmmakers. He started making his own films in the early 1980s. Dmitry Frolov's aesthetic experiments are connected with the appeal to silent cinema and its translation to a new level of the film language. He shoots his films with a hand-held camera exclusively on the film of the Svema film company. When asked why, he says: "Svema, because of its unpredictability and heterogeneity of the emulsion, is a living material that is able to convey the quivering nature of life and even a seemingly inanimate object."
Dmitry Frolov's films are distinguished by their special picturesqueness and musicality. These are the author's reflections on time, on the nature of the artistic image and the aesthetics of sensory experience, on the conditionality of time and the artist's ability to live the past in the present. The music of the composer Sergei Oskolkov gives special depth to the director's films. The soundtracks for the films have been repeatedly awarded by International Film Festivals of author's short films.

The director's films have won International Festivals of Original Experimental Cinema.

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Sergey Oskolkov and Dmitri Frolov
Sergey Oskolkov and Dmitri Frolov



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