Montreal Underground Film Festival 2016

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The 11th edition of the Montréal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) hits the screens over a four-day period from May 19 to 22, 2016. This year, the MUFF collective has selected the 95 finest and most innovative shorts by local and international artists. A celebration of subversive and experimental moving image works!


Thursday, May 19th, 8:00pm – 90 minutes (screenings at 9pm)
La Sala Rossa (4848 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal)
Programmers: MUFF Collective

Opening Night at MUFF 11 offers two programmes of films that showcase the range of works audiences will find across the festival, from playful and humorous, to punchy and visceral, to elegiac and haunting. There’ll also be music, pink drinks, other drinks, dancing, and a special treat from local experimental filmmaker, Steven Woloshen. The Scratch Guest Book event gives MUFF’s Opening Night guests the opportunity to write messages or greetings directly onto 35mm film stock. The finished group project will be screened during our Sunday “Hangover Brunch” programme. Woloshen describes the experience as “like having access to a time machine.”

Full programme here

Friday, May 20th, 5.30 pm - 47min.
Programmer: MUFF Collective

Beginning with the analog painting process used in “Seeking New Territories,” these films emphasize the tactility of the moving image through emphasis on glitch, grain, texture, pixilation, and surface. The media themselves are the subject of these films, which engage the spectator through a combination of painterly imagery, optically generated sound, and abstract animation. The result is an experience of aural and visual sensory immersion. (Note: Several films involve strobe and flicker effects.)

Full programme here

Friday, May 20th, 6.30 pm - 54min.
Programmer: Kristopher Woofter

The experimental documentary film takes very seriously Jane Gaines’ claim that in documentary reality becomes “suddenly strange.” Here, you’ll see the explosive found-footage compilation that is “Scherzo.” You’ll unearth the history of the Swedish Chopper club, the “Sofia Hogs,” in “Take It Apart and Put It Together Again.” You’ll encounter the peculiar philosophy of black “noise” metal in “Rihards Brazinskis.” You’ll experience the apocalyptic animal/nature-doc twist that is “The Measure of All Things: Protagoras,” and discover the inventive, highly personal exploration of the end of an era of family farming in “Holland, Man.”

Full programme here

Friday, May 20th, 8 pm - 56min.
Programmer: Kristopher Woofter

Ranging from the morbid and the melancholic, to the dreamlike and transcendent, these films unsettle our relationship to the everyday. Here, wide-open expanses, haunting ruins, domestic tombs, and the overlooked minutiae of nature become sometimes lyrical and dreamlike, sometimes absurd and nightmarish.

Full programme here

Friday, May 20th 2016, 9.30 pm - 48min.
Programmers : Anne Golden & Annaëlle Winand

These are not your parents’ politics; it’s a new world. Den großen Morissey und Mexiko eint mehr als geahnt. Le récit est doux et posé, d’une sincérité et d’une humanité qui l’honore. Why wait.

Full Programme here

Friday, May 20th, 10.45 pm - 45min.
Programmer: MUFF Collective

Quiet spaces and crawling creatures, strange happenings and cries of horror:  » Golden B’s  » is a two-part program, for fans of the genre. First, is the disturbing compilation, « The Horror Cycle, » a collection of videos by Anne Golden, featuring lurking shadows, chance encounters, and unsettling spaces. Next, it’s Neil Needleman’s turn to amaze us with a rhythmic and thrilling collage of monster movies of the 1950s. It’s a Double Feature, « Golden » celebration of B movies and horror, folks!

Full Programme here

Friday, May 20th, 11.45 pm - 48min.
Programmer: Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare

This year’s Midnight Dread program offerings showcase an immersive mix of dread-filled experimental horror shorts. The works presented pulsate with the most visceral and haptic experiences of dark corporeality. The programme quietly builds fear and anxiety from insect monsters, to immersive haptic claustrophobia, to uncanny machinic wailing. Dark and sublime matter from the flesh of animals, earth, celluloid, steel, and baked to perfection!

Full Programme here

Saturday, May 21st, 4pm - 41min.
Programmer: Kristopher Woofter

“People are beginning to understand that they have a right to expect their government to serve them, and when they discover that it doesn’t, they also have a right to do something about it.” — from “Then Then Then” by Dan Schioler

Three films that take a varied approach to the political documentary. “Parada (The Parade)” builds a slowly menacing environment with shocking universal implications. “Land Memories: Star Light Tours” engages with the implicit politics of landscape. And “Then Then Then”—described as “a primer on civil disobedience, from 1968 to 1972”—offers a compelling look at political protest movements in the U.S. and abroad in support of civil liberties, global peace, and native rights.

Full programme here

Saturday, May 21st, 5.30pm - 51min.
Programmers : Anne Golden & Annaëlle Winand

A chronological overview of Allan Brown’s films, Flashing Textures of Memory presents six works chosen for the representative filmic qualities emblematic of the filmmaker. This program is a frenetic mix of surreal portraits and industrial landscapes stamped on the texture of film grain, which is endlessly transformed. Flashing Textures of Memory reflects humour, nostalgia and aesthetic hypnosis. 

Full programme here

Allan Brown's new feature film
Saturday, May 21st, 6.30pm - 67min.

MUFF is proud to present Montréal filmmaker Allan Brown’s first feature, an experiment in science-fiction that plunges the audience into a phantasmagorical collage of sound and image. An outer-space quest like no other.

Trailer & full programme here

Saturday, May 21st, 8pm - 50min.
Programmer : MUFF collective

This year, MUFF founder Karina Mariano was not (for the first time since the beginning of the festival!) working as a programmer. Here is our message/homage to her, in the form of a programme of films she would have happily squeaked at. A mix of personal memories combined with experimental textures and dreamy places. « Dear Karina » is not related in any way to Karina’s iconic « Dear Diary » programme. It is not.

Full programme here

Saturday, May 21st, 9pm - 49min.
Programmer : Annaëlle Winand

Memory’s materiality, upset temporalities and haptic looks mix together in a layered programme. Playing with formats and mediums, « Archive(s) » seizes archival, cinematic and televisual recollections-fragments to immerse you in a new space of experience, to meet the archive.

Full programme here

Saturday, May 21st, 10.15pm - 47min.
Programmer : Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare

Challenging reductive perspectives on the porn genre, this year’s Exquisite Porn programme strings together films that position not only the human body as exquisite spectacle of erotic encounter, but also the spoken word. From the intimacy of sex workers behind the scenes, to erotic poetry, masturbatory excess, and kaleidoscopic porn imagery, in this programme the senses g(r)aze over fleshy matter.

Full programme here

Sunday, May 22st, noon

  • Feature film | long-métrage : Taking Shelter (Jonathan Culp, 2014)
  • Jury awards
  • Projection de | screening of “Scratch Guest Book” (Steven Woloshen)


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