A Mirror Avant-Garde: Non-Canonical Canonicals By Women Filmmakers

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"If you’ve seen more than three of the films in this program, I’d be surprised. Yet every single one of these films by women filmmakers, chosen from the collection of the Filmmaker’s Co-op, deserves to be written about, taught in classes, and be part of the canon of avant-garde film. In a program of striking artistic voices from filmmakers with large bodies of work, you’ll see resonances with the films of Jack Smith, Carolee Schneeman, Stan Brakhage, Len Lye, Owen Land, Hollis Frampton, Barbara Rubin, Malcolm LeGrice, and many others.

An important thematic thread running through this program is artists’ incorporation of various kinds of mirrors, both material and metaphoric. Mirrors reverse, distort, and reflect ourselves and our culture back to us in unexpected ways – and have been crucial to thinking about how we look and how we’re looked at. Before you go away for July 4th weekend, come join us in the funhouse!"

Curated by Tess Takahashi

-Baby Doll (Tessa Hughes-Freeland, 1982, 5min)
-Noyes (Bette Gordon, 1976, 4min)
-Abstraction (Rosalind Schneider, 1971, 8min)
-Mutiny (Abigail Child, 1983, 9.5min)
-Peyote Queen (Storm DeHirsch, 1965, 9min)
-All Women Are Equal (Marguerite Paris, 1972, 15min)
-What is a man? (Sara-Kathryn Arledge, 1958, 10min)
-The Scary Movie (Peggy Ahwesh, 1996, 9min)
-Hearts, Chains And Flowers (Silvianna Goldsmith, 1995, 8min)

Tess Takahashi is Scholar in Residence at the Film-Makers' Cooperative in New York. She is an independent Toronto-based scholar who writes on experimental media, film, art installation, and performance. She is working on a book titled Impure Film: Medium Specificity and the North American Avant-Garde (1968-2008) and another called Moving Through Magnitude. She is a member of the editorial collective for the feminist film journal Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media and a member of the experimental media programming collective, Pleasure Dome. Her work has been published in journals like Camera Obscura, Cinema Journal, Millennium Film Journal, Animation, and MIRAGE.Projection Instructions: An Evening of Expanded Cinema. June 27, 19:30h NY http://expcinema.org/site/en/events/projection-instructions-evening-expa...


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