Light Movement 12: Vincent Grenier

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Light Movement presents in collaboration with Arsenal Berlin: Vincent Grenier
curated by Ute Aurand and James Edmonds

This month we are very lucky to be able to offer you this incredible double program from Vincent Grenier, who will be present at the Arsenal and visits us as part of a tour of Europe. Grenier originates from Quebec City in Canada, but has spent much of his time living in New York, as well as being highly active in the Montreal Art scene of the 70's and 80's. Since the 70's he has made experimental films, creating a body of distinct work on 16mm, before branching out into HD cinema at the end of the 90's, furthering his facination with uncertain spaces, unexpected shifts in filmic constructions and "visual movements comprised of both experiential and physical interactions with the image and philosophical queries into the nature of representation." (VG)

"From the beginning he has devoted himself to the essential questions of the cinema in his work, especially those of light and projected shadows, the contours of a given space, duration. The strategies that he uses are always simple: Time is at the heart of all his films, he always carries out a ritual, his camera observes movement, the tiniest shift, very precisely. Since his very first films, Grenier focuses his interest on the simple gestures of the everyday. To dissolve the abstraction, to draw one's attention on the minute details which when filmed, become very poetic and reveal the individual behind the mechanical and the routine" (Nicole Gingras)

This evening there will be two 50 minute programs, the first presented by Ute Aurand focuses on recent works as well as drawing some connections to earlier structural pieces which employ durational and perceptual mechanisms. The second part, presented by Light Movement will feature works mostly completed on celluloid from the late 70's onwards, and which embody a richness of colour or light, where formal composition reflects the rythum and thoughts of the soundtrack, or the conceptual elements of the spaces depicted.

During the break, wine will be served!

- INTERSECTION (2015, video HD, colour, 7’00)
- WATERCOLOR (2013, video HD, colour, sound, 12’30)
- INTERIEUR INTERIORS (1978, 16mm, B&W, silent, 15’00)
- LES CHAISES (2008, video HD, colour, sound, 9’00)
- ARMOIRE, PROLOGUE & CODA (2007-2009, video HD, colour, sound, 6’00)
Introduced by Ute Aurand

- Mend (1979, 16 mm, B&W, silent, 5'00)
- You (1990/2014, 16mm-Video SD, colour, sound, 12'00)
- Tabula Rasa (1993-04, 16mm-Video SD, colour, sound, 7’50)
- Time's Wake (1978, 16mm, B&W, silent, 14'00)
- Surface Tension #2 (1995-05, 16mm, colour, sound, 4'50)
- Closer Outside (1981, 16 mm, colour, silent, 10'00)
Introduced by James Edmonds

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You (Vincent Grenier, 1990/2014)
You (Vincent Grenier, 1990/2014)



Viernes, Marzo 25, 2016 - 19:30



Viernes, Marzo 25, 2016 - 19:30
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