Kiss me, gentlemen - In Pursuit of Realness

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Join us in New York at UnionDocs for a screening of  Kiss me, gentlemen - In Pursuit of Realness on Sept. 4th, 2015.

In attendance: filmmaker Chelsea Knight, and Jess Wilcox, curator at the Brooklyn Museum. With films by Alexander Lorenz, Nelmarie du Preez, Sirah Foighel, Daniel Mann, Eitan Efrat, Miranda Pennell, Chelsea Knight, Michel Wenzer, Yaron Lapid, Elise Rasmussen.

In one way or another all the films in this programme deal with the mechanisms and technologies of entrapment: the destitute body, the incarcerated body, the body as a self-replicating system, bodies of soldiers performing military rituals, Greek mythology made contemporary through performative acts of defiance. Strategies in the pursuit of ‘realness’ range from injecting humour; others incite horror, follow a performative impulse, or straddle precariously on the ethical tightrope of representation. All point powerfully towards the condition of embodied subjects that have become specular, schizoid, internally disjointed.

Part of Sheffield Fringe touring programme.

- Arcadia, downtown (Yaron Lapid, Israel 2008, 15’)
- Complex (Sirah Foighel/Daniel Mann/Eitan Efrat, Israel 2008, 9’)
- Three Poems by Spoon (Jackson Michel Wenzer, Sweden 2003, 14’)
- Von Ordnung der Gesellschaft / Of the Order of Society (Alexander Lorenz, Germany 2013, 12’30”)
- TATTOO (Miranda Pennell,UK 2001, 9’)
- To Stab (Nelmarie du Preez, UK 2013, 45”)
- I Lay Claim to You (Chelsea Knight, USA 2009, 4’ 45”)
- I Am Not a Man, Not Now (Elise Rasmussen, Chelsea Knight, USA 2012, 9’)

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Viernes, Septiembre 4, 2015 - De 19:30 hasta 21:30


  • 322 Union Avenue
    11211   New York, New York
    United States
    40° 42' 35.982" N, 73° 57' 2.7288" W