Kino Arsenal: Three Films by Robert Beavers

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Kino Arsenal (Berlin) is continuing its series of screenings dedicated to the legacy of Amos Vogel. The third section, "The gatekeepers exist to be overthrown," Amos Vogel – Repeats and Responses (III), includes the screening of three films by Robert Beavers:

  • Sotiros (USA 1976–78/1996, 35mm, 25min)
  • The Stoas (USA 1991–97, 16mm, 22min)
  • The Ground (USA/CH/GR 1993/2001, 35mm, 20min)

With Robert Beavers in attendance

Three Films by Robert Beavers. After Robert Beavers presented in September the early films of Gregory Markopoulos that Vogel held in high regard, a Vogel reference now also provides the opportunity for his own films to be screened: at the New York Film Festival in 1997, Vogel saw three films by Beavers and recommended them to Forum. “Strongly formed visual poems, … images repeat, camera movements are carefully controlled, one has the strong feeling of strophes.” The three films were SOTIROS (1976–78/1996), THE STOAS (1991–97) and EFPSYCHI (1983/1996), which were mainly produced from material shot in Greece and were edited in relationship to one another. To create an even greater sense of density, the third film will be replaced here by THE GROUND (1993/2001), in which Beavers in exploring the cinematic space reveals the stonemason in the filmmaker.

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