Journey(s): The Personal Cinema of Ann Deborah Levy

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Millennium Film Workshop is proud to present the Personal Cinema of Ann Deborah Levy.

Friday, May 12, 2023
7:30 PM EST
167 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

$10 Suggested Donation:

"My films and videos explore different layers of reality as they are perceived and distorted by the human eye and mind. Some focus on landscapes, mediated by the camera, weather conditions, and/or other visual phenomena. Others center on locations and events, recorded, imagined, recalled by individuals or through collective historical memory. Their soundtracks reveal what is not seen: the occupants of a train from which the passing scenery is viewed, the man-made suburban setting of what appears to be wilderness, or the modern city outside of the ancient structure shown on the screen. " -ADL

The presentation of Levy’s films will be accompanied by an exhibition of her photography in the Millennium Gallery, on view through 5/25.

"The photographs that make up this ongoing series, THROUGH GLASS, like my film and videos, reflect my interest in different coexisting realities. The relationship between the window frame or panes and the landscape or cityscape outside is explored in many. Often the windows chosen have old glass with bubbles, imperfections, or other surface qualities that change what is viewed outside." - ADL


  • On the Train to Kutná Hora . . . and Back, 2014 8 min
  • The “Water” Trilogy:
  • Watercolors, 2007, 13 min
  • Rain Painting, 2014, 6 min
  • WATER FALLS, New York City, 2019, 12 min
  • Spectator(s), 2014, 11.5 min
  • Journey(s), 2022, 16 min


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