Jeanne Liotta: Celestial Bodies

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Screening & Artist Talk

“We live on that planet and the sky’s there all the time, for anyone to investigate. Science is just one way of investigating the world and art is another way and you can do it …” – Jeanne Liotta

Microscope is very pleased to present a screening night of films and videos by Jeanne Liotta in connection with her current solo exhibition at the gallery “Break The Sky”, which has been extended through March 4th. The works in the program, spanning a period of two decades – from Liotta’s first film “Blue Moon” (1988), an “erratic, erotic, arrhythmic lunar trauma”, to her 2009 “Sutro”, an animated glitch portrait of the 997 ft. Sutro TV and radio tower in San Francisco – are centered around the artist’s long-term interest in the observation of the sky, celestial events, and the technologies used to broaden our knowledge of the universe.
Among the other six works in the program are the 16mm films “Eclipse” (2005), which documents “by eye and hand” the 2003 lunar eclipse and appeared in the Whitney Biennial 2006, and “Observando el Cielo” (2007), her multi-award winning film featuring time lapses of the night sky from footage she shot over a period of seven years from remote areas as well as observatories.

The date of the screening has been chosen by Liotta to correspond to the anniversary of the death of Giordano Bruno, a renaissance philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and former Dominican friar, whose statue stands today in Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori on the spot where he was burned at the stake on February 17th, 1600 for his heretical views. Among his most significant theories were that the sun is a star, that other similar solar systems exist, and that the universe is infinite.

An artist talk, discussion and Q&A immediately follows the screening.  

More info and full program available HERE


Microscope Gallery - Nueva York, Estados Unidos


Sábado, Febrero 17, 2018 - 19:30



Sábado, Febrero 17, 2018 - 19:30
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