Horn: a festival for experimental cinema in Jerusalem

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For three days, Horn, a unique festival dedicated to new experimental cinema will be held in the cozy garden of Musrara Art School in the city of Jerusalem.

Each evening a variety of convention-defying films from all around the world will be screened to the local crowd. The festival hopes to break the common film festival experience by a mixture of different genres and modes of cinema: documentaries, animation and fiction in a casual and intimate atmosphere.

Aside to the main competition, a group of new and outstanding video art works will be exhibited.

In addition, talks and lectures will be given by personas from the local avant-garde community.

Curated by local art and film students Asif Kaufman and Ariel Bernstein.

Films in the programme:

Undercurrent- Cookie Moon | 2017, Israel, 13:00
Other Fire- Guilherme Moura Fagundes | 2017, Brazil, 21:00
/'??ri/ - Remy Ryumugabe | 2017, Rwanda, 11:00
GEDE VIZYON- Marcos Serafim, Jefferson Kielwagen and Stevens Simeon.| 2018, Haiti\Brazil, 15:00
Promenade Mythanalytique. Logotype, Parole & empreinte- Paul Jacques Yves Guilbert | 2017, Belgium\France, 23:00
Marianne and Robin- Jules Lagrange | 2018, Belgium, 07:45
Flächendecken (Everywhere)- Luise Fiedler | 2017, Germany 06:46
Commodity Trading: Election Day (Part 1 of 3)- M. Woods | 2017, Usa, 15:56
CAMERA THREAT- Bernd Lützeler | 2017, Germany\India, 30:00
True Love Story- Raoul Colvile | 2017, Enland, 07:37
Alfaião- André Almeida Rodrigues | 2016, Portugal, 13:17
IDIOSYNCRASIES OF THE NAZIS- Jacob Rimler AKA Sneal | 2018, USA, 04:15
Short movie #1- Benna Gaean Maris | 2005, Germany, 02:40
XCTRY- Bill Brown | 2018, USA, 06:18
THE COMMON GUILT- Camilo Martin-Florez | 2018, Chile, 12:09
Hermeneutics- Alexei Dmitriev | 2012, Russia, 03:15
The Garden of Delight- Michael Fleming | 2017, USA\Holland, 11:36
ROSA- Saif Alsaegh | 2018, USA\Iraq, 17:00
Function was finished- Patricio Ballesteros | 2017, Argentina, 08:12
PROXIMA- Igor Dimitri and Gabriel Martinho | 2017, Argentina\Portugal, 13:45
FOREVER BRO- Alexander Isaenko | 2017, Ukraine, 07:34
STATIONS- Julien Huger | 2018, France, 23:14
The chickens of Mr. Barrett- Carlos Alfonso | 2017, Colombia, 13:04

See the full schedule at https://hornfestival.wordpress.com/



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De Martes, Julio 17, 2018 (Todo el día) hasta Jueves, Julio 19, 2018 (Todo el día)
  • HaAyin Chet St. 9
    91323   Jerusalem
    31° 46' 58.7208" N, 35° 13' 34.8852" E