HATERS | Program II: Damp Moss

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HATERS Program II: Damp Moss, examines our ever-changing understanding of our environment and ecology through mediated images, and the manipulation of the landscape by video and other means of modification; creating a moist reality from our shifting perceptions of soft (virtual) and hard (physical) environments.

Curated by: Christopher Thompson @viewerslikeyou

Featured Artists, Filmmakers, and Content Creators: 

Gloria Chung | Emily J. Drummer | Ross Mecfessel | Alex OB | Miles Sprietsma | Toby Tatum | @menwithapot | @tornadotitans |   @jordanjeppe

HATERS is a new platform for artists’ moving image. 

Films and video works are curated by Christopher Thompson. 

New programs will be screened monthly and will include a diverse array of experimental films, video art, and miscellaneous content from YouTube, TikTok, and various video platforms. These moving image works will be freely available through the month via HATERS, and will include special programs, guest curators, and exclusive content. 




De Lunes, Marzo 1, 2021 (Todo el día) hasta Miércoles, Marzo 31, 2021 (Todo el día)