Guli Silberstein: Line of Violence

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Until Sunday, January 29, you can watch films by renowned experimental filmmaker Guli Silberstein. Why does he deal with the theme of violence and how did he get to what he is doing? Read more in DAFilms' exclusive interview. The director has also commented on his films specially for DAFilms.

- Excerpt (2008, Israel, 5 min)
One excerpt from a flow of Internet video news: a family is hiding behind a wall in a neighbourhood in Beirut, Lebanon that turned into a warzone. The compressed video is slowed down, enlarged, and gets a new soundscape. Additional dimensions are revealed in the scene, and a troubling contrast between imagery and content is created, leading to an unsettling affect: anxiety deconstructed into pixels.

- Cut Out (2014, United Kingdom, 4 min)
A radiant, raging girl is shouting and punching the empty space in front of her. She is roughly cut out from her surroundings by a computer algorithm struggling to contain her, and her enemies are erased from the frame. The work is based on a found YouTube video of a Palestinian girl resisting an Israeli soldier. The video-processing highlights the scene as image, both of a fight for freedom, and a media event.

- Disturbdance (2012, United Kingdom, 3 min)
The combination of image manipulation and suggestive music turns journalistic footage of an extreme encounter between a young woman and a group of soldiers into a scene from a dramatic story. If the soldiers weren’t aiming their weapons at her, the choice of shots and the scene’s mood could almost be called romantic...

- Schizophrenic State (2003, Israel, United States, 5 min
A work made while living in New York City. Two images appeared on my TV screen: An Israeli soldier being lynched in Ramallah, a Palestinian child and his father being fired at in Gaza. How can horror be constructed in words? It's a schizophrenic situation - two sides trapped in a cycle of violence. Being in a personal schizophrenic state as well, watching this in New York - not here nor there. Are these images real? Are any images real?

- Beach (2006, Israel, 5 min)
In a flickering TV image we see a happy family on a beach, as 100 km away a girl frantically runs on a bombed beach in Gaza. The happy family is shown in a rapidly speeding stream of still images, while the girl is filmed in video, gradually taking over the screen, creating a growing impact of shock and horror, until the girl dissolves in TV noise and becomes a news report.

- Re:Commandments (2007, Israel, 5 min)
Hardcore techno music, repetitive loops of images from the 1955 movie ‘The Ten Commandments’, international TV news broadcasts of 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon, and a video documentation of a belly dancer in the desert, become an apocalyptic Middle East horror rave party, addressing Middle East war and myths representations of in Western media, and the fetishisation of images of war and religion in mass media.


De Miércoles, Enero 18, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Enero 29, 2017 (Todo el día)



De Miércoles, Enero 18, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Enero 29, 2017 (Todo el día)