Gibson + Recoder: Atmos

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Microscope continues its series of imageless film performances and other works in connection and collaboration with the current series “Imageless Films” at Anthology Film Archives with “Atmos,” a film-less expanded cinema installation by Gibson + Recoder from 2006. The audience may enter and exit at anytime.

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Atmos, a piece considered by film scholar Volker Pantenburg as “maybe the most paradigmatic work produced by Gibson + Recoder,” is a minimal light installation that utilizes a modified 16mm projector, a humidifier, and a glass sheet. This apparatus generates an ever-changing projection of white light, the sharp edges of which gain and lose definition, shifting in and out of visibility depending on the accumulation of water molecules.

Atmos — from the Greek ἀτμός (atmós) meaning steam or vapor — reconfirms our existence within the gaseous elements of this planet’s atmosphere, reminding that projection does not occur in a vacuum and that the image on screen is the result of the combined activity of light and particles. Our very ability to see relies on certain physical and climatic conditions.

Atmos (2006)
Modified 16mm film projector, humidifier, glass, hardware; dimensions and duration variable.
“A breathtaking elegant and sober, yet dense installation which almost literally breathes in new life in the suprematist tradition.” – Edwin Carels
“Completely non-representational yet deeply profound. Echoes of the history of the cinematic apparatus and before, i.e., magic lantern, as well as an embodiment of the most breathtaking characteristics of alchemical cinema.” – David Bryant

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Gibson + Recoder have exhibited their collaborative work widely, including Walter & McBean Galleries, Mad. Sq. Art, REDCAT, Ballroom Marfa, EYE Film Museum, M HKA, and Serralves Foundation. Their works are in the permanent collections of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Whitney Museum of American Art, Berkeley Art Museum, Memorial Art Gallery, and Kunstpalast Düsseldorf. Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder are based in New York.


Microscope Gallery - Nueva York, Estados Unidos


Martes, Mayo 31, 2022 - De 18:00 hasta 21:00



Martes, Mayo 31, 2022 - De 18:00 hasta 21:00
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