Gianmarco Donaggio short films at the Alentejo Biennial of Art

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On the occasion of the first Biennial of Art of Alentejo (BIALE), Italian avant-garde filmmaker Gianmarco Donaggio has been invited to present a collection of new works. Operating in a unique manner, Donaggio’s films are fine-crafted cinematic experiences; atmospheres of dancing light, in which the poetic overtakes the conceptual and the literal. Donaggio’s camera transgresses assumptions allocated to cinematic expression by ascending above optical representation and dwelling in the realm of emotions.

Born in northern Italy in 1991, Donaggio studied Film in the United Kingdom and Visual Culture in Sweden, he lived in Norway for several years and has been active in the camera department of international film productions for the past twelve years. He began making his own experimental films in 2020, and these works have been screened in festivals, cinemas, art fairs, museums, and art institutions internationally.

In 2022 Donaggio lived and worked in Portugal where he exhibited at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) and the National Museum Soares dos Reis. At the BIALE he will present The Lisbon Trilogy (2023), a series of works he created in the Portuguese capital. Additionally, he will screen Azul no Azul (2022), a film in collaboration with painter Nelson Ferreira, and an experiment called Nymøn made in collaboration with Italian dance collective Fuhlen.

This program will include the following works:

THE LISBON TRILOGY (world premiere)

dir. Gianmarco Donaggio, 2023.
Portugal. 16 min.

Image/Music by Gianmarco Donaggio
Produced by Nlp Films


dir. Gianmarco Donaggio, in collaboration with Nelson Ferreira, 2022.
Portugal. 7 min.

Image/Music by Gianmarco Donaggio

NYMØN (world premiere)

dir. Gianmarco Donaggio, in collaboration with Fulhen Collective, 2023.
Italy. 16 min.
Feat. Beatrice Bonadio and Giovanna Pesce Dalla Francesca
Image/Music by Gianmarco Donaggio

About the event:
Biennial of Art of Alentejo (BIALE)
Director: Carlos Godinho - Senior Curator: Nelson Ferreira
In partnership with international Biennial of Art of Cerveira with curator Helena Mendes Pereira, and with The National Society of Fine Arts with the curator Jaime Silva.The project has the support of the town hall of Estremoz and the regional cultural direction of Alentejo.

Parque De Feiras
EM504 28, 7100-147 Estremoz, Portugal
Sunday, March 26, 2023 time 16:30

Entry free of charge



Galería de imágenes: 


Parque De Feiras - Estremoz, Portugal


Domingo, Marzo 26, 2023 - 16:30



Domingo, Marzo 26, 2023 - 16:30
  • EM504 28, 7100-147 Estremoz, Portugal
    EM504   Estremoz
    38° 50' 49.6068" N, 7° 34' 49.53" W