Frame & Frequency 3, Vol. II

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Frame & Frequency 3 is an ongoing International Video Art Exchange program that will screen concurrently in Rockville, Maryland at VisArts and at PLECTO Galeria in Medellin, Colombia. The opening is on Friday May 12th until June 11th from 7-9 PM at VisArts in Rockville, MD.

It will highlight the work of 8 international artists from Brazil to Greece to Belgium and from across North America, whose new media, experimental film and video works explore contemporary visual culture, and presents an intimate panorama of the variety and breadth of video art in artistic practice today - including various themes such as appropriation, identity politics as well formal investigations of video as a medium.

Artists included in this screening are: Benjamin Rosenthal, Constantinos Chaidalis, Damon Mohl, Deborah Kelly, Kwang Choi, Ж, Nick Rosendorf, and Jeroen Cluckers.

About the Artists:

Benjamin Rosenthal - Impenetrable as Night

Impenetrable as Night takes inspiration from the landscape of northern Iceland as virtual site for a demented tactical and techno-spiritual training camp. Covert mountain-like structures in the fjord reveal themselves to be hybrids of bunker and landscape, as well as metaphors for "the closet." Animated figures perform actions that blur the line between worship, ritual violence and queer eroticism. The iconic icelandic “hot tubs” become potential sites for some sort of sinister training activity, violent or erotic ritual. The virtuality of the space is revealed consciously via the inclusion (and revelation) of the 3D wireframe, the visible glitch, the use of real-time rendering of individual frames screen-recorded from Maya, and puncturing and layering of spaces that don’t conform to conventions of believable 3D space.

Benjamin Rosenthal holds an MFA in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis and a BFA in Art (Electronic Time-Based Media) from Carnegie Mellon University. His work has been exhibited internationally in such venues/festivals as the Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Stuttgart, Germany), High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary (Chicago, IL), ESPACIO ENTER: Festival International Creatividad, Innovacíon y Cultural Digital (Tenerife, Canary Islands),  FILE Electronic Language International Festival (São Paulo, Brazil), Vanity Projects (New York, NY), Locomoción Festival de Animacion (Mexico City, Mexico), CICA Museum (Gimpo-se, Republic of Korea) and online via the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum (Is.CaM), among others.  He is currently one of the 2016-2017 artists-in-residence at the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City. Pulling from a variety of fields in the humanities and sciences, he questions the authenticity of our physical experience in an age where the boundaries between reality and the virtual become indistinguishable. Rosenthal is Assistant Professor of Expanded Media, in the Department of Visual Art at the University of Kansas where he teaches Video art, Performance Art, and interdisciplinary practices.

Constantinos Chaidalis – SENIOR (Sophomore II)

SENIOR (Sophomore II) is an animated collage about anticipation, loss and sorrow.

SENIOR is the second part of the "YOU KNOW NOT HOW TO LOVE" series.

Chaidalis Constantinos. IS  a multidisciplinary designer, specializing in graphic design, illustration and motion graphics. He has worked as a motion and broadcast designer for and for as a creative director. He currently works for JNL and 3dreams as a creative director and a 2d/3d generalist working with 2d Infographics, compositing, color correction, cg, and 3d animation.

His works have been featured in publications, both print and online such as bakmagazine, Moving graphics, Cutting Edge (Gestalten), illusion scene360, STASH,, Stylist Magazine, Page magazine, Creative Notebook and many more.

His work has been included in exhibitions such as Cheap Art, Onedotzero, MTV Playground, Moscow graphic design biennale, SFFF, Athens Video Art Festival, Digital Poetry, HAFF, Reworks, SeeMe New York, Pieces Video Art Show Melbourne, 17 Days ( Alfred State College), 15th FestCurtas BH, and Lyrical Hysterical (oofcollective)

Deborah Kelly – LYING WOMEN

The animated collage LYING WOMEN considers the material qualities and ideological authority of the reproduced work of art. LYING WOMEN imagines canonical reclining nudes’ escape from centuries of servitude to colonial heteropatriarchy. The work proposes a great gathering of queer female energy, a revolution, a collective will to autonomy.

Deborah Kelly is a Sydney-based artist whose works have been shown around Australia, and in the Singapore, Sydney, Thessaloniki and Venice Biennales. 2017 will see her first international solo exhibition, at the Kvindemuseet in Aarhus, Denmark.

Her projects across media are concerned with lineages of representation, politics and history in public exchange. Her work Tank Man Tango: a Tiananmen Memorial was included in Zero Tolerance at MOMA PS1, NYC, (Oct 2014–Apr 2015) touring to Basel Miami. Her MCA-commissioned work considering the rise of religiosity in the public sphere, Beware of the God, included videos in train stations, dossiers on politicians and projections onto clouds over Sydney Harbour.

Kelly's collage-based artworks have been shown in galleries and cinemas around Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas. She won an acquisition award at the 2016 Mornington National works on Paper Award, the 2015 Cayte Latta Award for LGBTI Visual Arts and the 2009 Screengrab International New Media Art Award.


RIPE + ROTTEN (DIALOGIC) explores the tenuous, temporal boundary between vitality and decay through a sequence of self-portraits captured on a scanner bed. Inspired by the Dutch vanitas paintings of 17th century Europe, the video juxtaposes the lush plant-matter on the right with the assortment of fungal, preserved, and porcine foodstuff on the left, intimating the ephemerality of sensuous pleasure and earthly delights as a memento mori. 

Kwang Choi is a multi-media artist primarily working with photography, video, and installation. Currently based in Providence, Rhode Island, his work investigates the habit of misrecognition and the slippage between the inanimate and visceral, surface and depth, and pleasure and horror. His work has been included in various exhibitions, including the Annual Juried Exhibition in the David Winton Bell Gallery for three consecutive years. In addition, he is a former artist-in-residence at the Grin City Collective in Grinnell, Iowa, and the recipient of several honors and awards, including those from the Brown Arts Initiative and the David Winton Bell Gallery.

Damon Mohl – Night Clerk

Mohl’s work is inherently narrative, expressionistic and symbolic.  It serves as a conduit to express internalized thoughts and perceptions.  With the naked eye, the world is drawn through optical nerves, perceived and decoded in the brain as common recognizable symbols.  When these perceived images collide with imagination the viewer is afforded the ability to dream while being awake and more importantly, the ability to act upon that vision. The desire to merge the pure fleeting beauty of the physical world, with the strange, flawed, disjointed, imaginative interior world of the mind is a point of intrigue and it is through this union that his work fundamentally comes into being.

Ж - 7FF on¢idia

Ж was born in São Paulo, in 1983. Graduated in social science and trained in Direction of photography at ECA, Buenos Aires. In 2012 he received a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts from Universidad de las Artes, BsAs. In 2011 his film and installation project: Δ ж Δ Σ Δ r j Σ n, was exhibited and included in the permanent collection of Pantalla Global in CCCB-Barcelona.

Inspired by ancient Chinese and Mayan symbolism, this work explores imagery representing continuous change, the cycle of life, prosperity, death and regeneration.

Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf - Giant Steps Backwards

Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf creates work in moving images, sound/music, and objects. His work addresses time, language, scale and interconnected systems.

A datamoshed remix of Peter Monamy's painting 'Ships in Distress in a Storm', turning the original work into a new abstract compressionist video painting.

Jeroen Cluckers - Ships in Distress in a Datastorm

Jeroen Cluckers (BE) is a video artist and experimental filmmaker. He creates audiovisual dreamscapes that explore, question and transform the boundaries between fiction and reality, cinema and painting, image and imagination. His work has been exhibited in more than 30 countries worldwide, at festivals and venues like ZKM, The State Hermitage Museum, Message to Man IFF, FILE Festival, VIDEOFORMES, MAXXI Museum, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Athens Digital Arts Festival and ISEA. He has received several awards, including Best 60 Seconds Film at the New York Film Week, and Best Experimental Film at TUFF. Together with Wout Lievens, he founded He teaches film and video art at Kunstacademie Wetteren. He lives and works in Gent, Belgium.


VisArts - Rockville, Estados Unidos


De Viernes, Mayo 12, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Junio 11, 2017 (Todo el día)



De Viernes, Mayo 12, 2017 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Junio 11, 2017 (Todo el día)


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