The Films of Shirley Erbacher

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Shirley Erbacher was a denizen of the Hyde Park Arts Center, a longtime employee of the Chicago Public Library, and a small-gauge filmmaker creating lively and deeply personal work from 1965-1972. Her handcrafted, silent films include portraits of family, children at play, Chicago landscapes, and public art. Join us for a screening of all 14 of her known films on the original 8mm format.

Films: - Dance #1 (1966) An autumn dance. –S. E. - Dance #2 (1968) .... a part of a memory. –S. E. - Dance #3 (1969) ... a family giving and receiving. –S. E. - Dance #4 (1969) This is a relationship dance involving a sister and brother. –S. E. - Dance #5 (1970) From a dance presented at First Unitarian Church in Chicago on March 23, 1969. The title of the dance was "What Are You" -it was choreographed by Korah Erbacher." –S. E. - Dance #6 (1971) Based on a construction by Alice Shaddle about the Bardo Plane. –S. E. - Dance #7 (1971) This film is in memory of the film-maker's father. –S. E. - Dance #8 (1972) An evocation of my tree. –S. E. - Playground (1965) In PLAYGROUND, the inherent motions of the objects are expanded to be seen along with occasional children as subject. Only credits should maybe be one to City of Chicago for design and building of this playground-but that is rather silly. –S. E. - Snow (1965) SNOW (that fluffy white stuff that falls in the winter) which is beautiful and winter too somewhat since snow comes then and winter is a kind of pseudo-death so maybe the movie about a beautiful kind of pseudo-death..." –S. E. - Dawn (1966) A coming into being... Titles are made by KAE. –S. E. - Black & White (1969) This is a film about people or is there really "black" and "white"? –S. E. - Chiaroscuro (1971) An evocation of a boy's growth into young manhood. –S. E. - Kyle (1972) A pre-adolescent being. –S. E.


Sweet Void Cinema - Chicago, Estados Unidos


Domingo, Marzo 3, 2024 - 18:00



Domingo, Marzo 3, 2024 - 18:00
  • 3036 W Chicago Ave #1W
    60622   Chicago, Illinois
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