EFFPortland 2014 call for films, installations and performances

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The Experimental Film Festival Portland is now open for submissions of films, installations and performances.

EFFPortland erupted in 2012 in the fair city of roses, in response to the need for a Portland-based experimental media showcase. It filled that void with a lava-hot amalgam of shorts, installations, performances, and collaborations. With a week of solid programming, some of which lasted for months beyond the official festival, across seven venues around the city, EFFPortland's inaugural year was, in short, a total blast. We had the immense pleasure of cultivating fantastic partnerships with some of portland’s most exciting and dynamic venues, artists, and organizations, and we made a whole bunch of new friends, colleagues, and co-conspirators hailing from the near side and the far side. And there were donuts!

The second EFFPortland is based on the framework and momentum of our first effort, maintaining the core value of connecting the rich landscape of local makers to the vast and bright world of experimental media across the country and beyond both coasts. This year, we are putting more method into our madness. We are flush with the gifts of experience and passion and suited up to continue this great experiment. We’re back in the lab, and this time we have blueprints.


What is the Submission Deadline for EFFPortland?
Dec.1st 2013: Early Bird Deadline for Installations/Performances
Jan.1st 2014: Early Bird Deadline for Films, FInal Deadline for Installations/Performances
Feb.15th 2014: Final Deadline for Films

What are the Submission Fees for EFFPortland?
Before the early bird deadlines, film, installation, and performance submissions are:
US: $15, with each additional entry $10
INTERNATIONAL (INCLUDES CANADA AND MEXICO): $7.50 USD and $5 USD for each addt’l entry
LOCAL: free

After the early bird deadlines, the submission fee jumps to:
US: $20, with each addt’l entry $15
INTERNATIONAL: $10 USD and $7.50 for each addt’l entry

What counts as a local submission?
Any location within 100 miles of Portland. So, for example, we will count Vancouver, WA as local, but not Seattle, WA.

How do I know my submission was received?
You will receive a confirmation email (it might be blank).

Do you ever waive the submission fee?
While we understand (and totally empathize with!) the fact that it can be very expensive to submit to the festival circuit, we also fund our festival largely from submission fees and depend on that revenue to sustain ourselves. Also, the co-directors personally review each submission, and feel that the submission fees are a way to compensate for that time. Submission fees are NOT used to pay any EFFPortland staff, as EFFPortland is at this point an entirely volunteer-run effort. We hope to eventually establish a scholarship program, but for now, keeping submission fees (and ticket prices!) low is our best solution to accessibility.

My film is over the 20-minute limit. Can I still submit?
We very rarely program work longer than 20 minutes, because our goal is to showcase as many high-quality films as possible. We are open to reviewing your longer-form work, with the caveat that we will give preferential consideration to shorter works. If you feel strongly that your piece would fit in with and significantly enhance our programming, you are welcome to submit, with this caveat in mind.

When will the lineup for EFFPortland 2014 be announced?
On or around April 1, 2014.

Where Do I Send Screener DVDs/Submission fee checks?
EFFPortland (% Hannah Piper Burns)
817 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97211



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