Edge of Frame Weekend 2018

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A unique three-day celebration of experimental animation, featuring innovative, visionary and risk-taking work in a packed programme of screenings and discussion. Premieres of new films mix with classics and rarely screened historical work, taking place across London at BFI Southbank, Barbican and Close-Up.

Curated by Edwin Rostron (Edge of Frame) with guest-curated programmes from Herb Shellenberger and Alexander Stewart, a retrospective of guest artist Peter Burr and an afternoon of talks illuminating the processes, histories and context of experimental animation, the Weekend presents an expansive insight into this vibrant artform.

MAIN EVENT PAGE: bit.ly/2FjozRr

Between the Frames (Talks Event)
BFI Southbank, Fri 2 March 13.00
A series of talks on experimental animation by leading contemporary animators, academics and curators, discussing the histories, contexts and creative processes of this constantly evolving artform. Hosted by Gary Thomas (Animate Projects, British Council). Speakers: Jessica Ashman / Jonathan Hodgson / Lilly Husbands / Herb Shellenberger / Birgitta Hosea / Steve Reinke / Peter Burr
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Persistence of Vision
BFI Southbank, Fri 2 March 18.15
The opening film programme of the Edge of Frame Weekend 2018 brings together a diverse selection of boundary-crossing independent and experimental animation from around the world, mixing brand new and recent work with classics and rarely-seen gems. From paper cut-outs to cutting edge digital animation, this programme displays the incredible ambition and vision of animated art. Curated by Edwin Rostron. A Q&A with several of the filmmakers follows the screening.
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Particles in Space
Barbican, Sat 3 March 12.00
Featuring work from 1963 to 2018, this programme explores ideas of space, line, shape and form, through an eclectic range of techniques. Formal abstraction mixes with the personal and fantastical, often within the same film. Celebrating the breadth and potential of experimentation in animation, the programme presents works by artists unafraid to push the medium into new territory. Curated by Edwin Rostron. A Q&A with several of the filmmakers follows the screening.
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Labyrinths: The Films of Peter Burr
Barbican, Sat 3 March 13.50
The deeply immersive films of Peter Burr conjure an extraordinary vision of a digitised future. Characters explore uncharted realms, vast architectural structures and post-apocalyptic environments hovering on the boundary between abstraction and figuration, ready to dissolve into pure pattern and rhythm at any point. Working across short films, gallery installations, performance and virtual reality, Peter Burr is at the forefront of contemporary animation practice. Peter will be present for a Q&A following the screening.
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Bend Me, Shape Me: The Animated Body
Close-Up, Sat 3 March 19.30
Though all forms of animation push and pull at anatomical correctness, artists working with animation have explored its potential to morph, transform and bend the body in ways that have wide-ranging and sometimes unexpected implications. This screening features work from the last five decades which explores how through representing bodies—or specifically their own bodies—artists exploit animation’s remove from reality to comment on very real subjects, including sexuality, gender, violence and trauma, in ways that can variously provoke, titillate and horrify. Introduced by curator Herb Shellenberger.
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Made At CalArts: Experimental Animation, 1974 – Present
Close-Up, Sun 4 March 18.00
This programme features a selection of experimental animation work made at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), from the programme’s foundation in the early 1970’s through the present day. With a focus on the aesthetic innovation, unrestrained spirit, and emphasis on personal vision that have defined CalArts in its 45 years of existence, the lineup includes eccentric cartoons, cosmic psychedelia, existential crises, subtle studies in textural abstraction, and stroboscopic reveries. These films represent an approach to animation that is by turns ambitious, introspective, joyful, and imaginative: uniquely and distinctively CalArts. Introduced by curator Alexander Stewart (CalArts Experimental Animation Faculty / Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation).
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Voyages Elsewhere
Close-Up, Sun 4 March 20.00
The final screening programme of the Weekend explores the outer limits; traveling into the far reaches of the imagination and out to celestial bodies. With films pushing at the boundaries of what is real or unreal, micro or macro, animated or non-animated; these works weave together fragments of images into webs of clues, hinting at what is ‘beyond.’ Curated by Edwin Rostron.
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The Edge of Frame Weekend 2018 is supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Royal College of Art, and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

“Delving into the many offerings of Edge of Frame demonstrates the rewards of taking a chance, of welcoming strange ideas and experiencing new things.” - Little White Lies



De Viernes, Marzo 2, 2018 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Marzo 4, 2018 (Todo el día)