Edge of Frame: After Nature (Parts One and Two)

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After Nature is a two-part programme of experimental animation focusing on work engaged with ideas of technology and the environment.  Part One a selection of films respond to man-made waste, disasters and ecological catastrophe. Part Two explores ideas of landscape and technology, and the merging of the real and the virtual, with works combining CG animation, live action and found footage.

After Nature (Part One) is a selection of films responding to man-made waste, disasters and ecological catastrophe. These experimental animations take inspiration from real life events and imagined futures, approaching them from unexpected angles and with a myriad of techniques, from charcoal drawing to CG, from cut-outs to intensely layered video footage. Featuring work by Jodie Mack, Naoyuki Tsuji, Annapurna Kumar, Brian Smee, Lisa Crafts, David O’Reilly and Makino Takashi. Book here.

After Nature (Part Two) explores ideas of landscape and technology, and the merging of the real and the virtual. These speculative visions of constructed, post-human worlds employ computer generated animation alongside live action video, 16mm and found footage. There are powerful resonances between these simulated environments and our present day social and political reality, where the line between real and unreal is constantly called into question and dystopic science fiction is indistinguishable from current affairs.  With work by Kim Laughton, Graeme Arnfield, Peter Burr, Ben Balcom, Sara Ludy and Tinne Zenner. Book here.

This is a two part screening which requires seperate tickets for each programme. Part One is at 6pm on Sunday 3rd Dec, Part Two is at 8pm on Sunday 3rd December. More information here http://www.closeupfilmcentre.com/film_programmes/2017/edge-of-frame-afte...



De Domingo, Diciembre 3, 2017 - 18:00 hasta Lunes, Diciembre 4, 2017 - 17:55


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