From Ecstasy to Rapture Program 1: Documents / Itineraries

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The opening program includes work by José Val del Omar, visionary filmmaker and inventor; the architect Gabriel Blanco, best known as an animator but represented here with a documentary film portraying the daily chores of a Spanish citizen on a typical Sunday in the suburbs; multidisciplinary artists Benet Rossell and Antoni Miralda; José Luis Guerin, whose feature film, IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA, recently had a theatrical run here at Anthology; and Virginia García del Pino.

- José Val del Omar Fuego En Castilla (1958-59, 17 minutes, 35mm)
- Gabriel Blanco De Purificatione Automobilis (1974, 16 minutes, 35mm)
- Antoni Miralda & Benet Rossell Miserere (1979, 12 minutes, 35mm)
- Silvia Gracia & José Luis Guerin Souvenir (1985, 5 minutes, video)
- Virginia García del Pino Lo Que Tú Dices Que Soy (2007, 28 minutes, video)

Total running time: ca. 85 minutes.



Viernes, Febrero 19, 2010 - 19:00
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