Ecran-test: WAV 2 + Antoine Ledroit & Thomas Chatard

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Ecran-test (Screen-Test) is an open space, of meeting and exchange, around artistic projects. It takes place at the initiative of members of Mire who wish to expose a project in progress to the gaze and and the discussion. It is open to all.

This time, WAV2 (aka AV2 / Clinch & Pierre Pierre Pierre) + Antoine Ledroit & Thomas Chatard who invite us to:

"A moment of relaxation in a festive atmosphere at the workshop of Mire. The 2nd world show and a work in progress of a new and colorful performance for audio cassettes and 16mm projectors.
As an aperitif, you will also be offered a crash test based on 35mm glossy images and digital cut-up."

Thomas Chatard & Antoine Ledroit



Jueves, Marzo 9, 2017 - 18:30


  • 17 rue Paul Bellamy
    44000   Nantes
    47° 13' 18.282" N, 1° 33' 23.778" W