Dobra Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental

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DOBRA states itself as a space of resistance that wants to share with the audience a micro-perception, going in the opposite direction of the cliches that large corporate media and mass communication logic impose. Vanishing lines to what Peter Pál Pelbart calls beast life, and what we might call the beast perception. To welcome these smaller perceptions that turn aside the pre-set movements that reject any desire to completeness or whole orders. Lower perceptions, images always open and precarious that divert any closure or finitude.

Without resorting to identities, but summoning its strength, DOBRA calls itself a Latin American space, which aims to put in dialogue the productions of these latitudes with the international environment. A between-worlds that hopes to open collaborative networks and encounters between works, its makers and the public.

The filmmakers and artists exibithed were mainly curated by Cristina Miranda, Sebastian Wiedemann they are:

Juan Carlos Alom, Los Ingravidos, Paula gaitan, Leonardo Zito, Duo Stragloscope,Sebastian Wiedemann,Andres garcia franco,Cristiana Miranda,Diego vizcarra,Felipe guerrero,Colectivo Kinoclaje,Jorge Lorenzo, Miguel Castro, Lidia garcía Millán,ferruccio Mussitelli, Carlos Bayarrés e Horacio ferreira, Eduardo Darino, Guillermo Zabalet,Martín Klein,Javier Abreu, Julia Cast- agno e Ernesto Rizzo, Anaclara talento,Patricia Bentancur, Ina López, Jessie young,Diego nessi,Teresa puppo,  Irma Brown e Leila Figueiredo, Lia Letícia, Ж, Cao Guimarães, Antonti Pinet, Tiane Doan na Champassak & Jean Dubrel, Jacques perconte, Philippe grandrieux, Éric Hurtado, Marc Hurtado.




De Miércoles, Septiembre 2, 2015 (Todo el día) hasta Viernes, Septiembre 4, 2015 (Todo el día)


  • Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana, 680
    Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro