Directors Lounge Screening: Linol and Poetry Films by J Kirchheim and T Delgado

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Berlin-based Jakob Kirchheim and Teresa Delgado present poetry films and Kirchheim linocut-printed films.

Their new work “Vulkan Vertikal” refers to the vulcano Popocatépetl in Puebla, Mexico, and quotes verses of José Maria Heredia (1803-1839) about presence and evanescence, peoples and emperors. The film mixes street scenes from San Andrés and San Pedro Cholula Puebla, high contrast images, printed words, voice-over and a number of linoleum prints as a montage. The still active vulcano becomes a metaphor for the precarious state of the current civilization and the life of cities in the world.

“Veracruz without ship”/ “Veracruz sin barco” 2014 is a poetic walk through Veracruz, port of European exiles and Mexican oil, of melodrama and of the rhythm danzón. In “Madrid”, colors, light and paper cut-outs are being combined with an analogue 3D-model of the city. “Terrorsounds” is a visualization of memories of bomb explosions. And several earlier films by Jakob Kirchheim use a analogue animation/montage of linocut printings. Including the very first linocut films "Zurückbleiben" and "Alfabet" from 1989.


  • Alfabet, Linol-Schrift-Film, Super-8/DV, 4min, 1989
  • Linolbüro, Linolfilm, Super-8/DV, 10min, 1990
  • What‘s up?, abstrakter Linolfilm, 16mm/DV, 2:50min, 1995
  • Rutas simultáneas – Busfahrt Madrid – Valencia
  • *Poetry-Linolfilm, DV, 10min, 2008/2010
  • Terrorsounds, Poetry-Film, DV, 6min, 2010
  • Vulkan vertikal, Poetry-Film, HD, 7:50min, 2018
  • Geld oder Leben, Poetry-Film, Super-8/DV, 3:10min, 1990
  • Zurückbleiben, Linolfilm, 35mm/DV, 9min, 1989
  • *Sternenstaub, Poetry-Linolfilm, DV, 3:10min, 2012
  • Madrid, Pappmodell-Animation, Super-8/DV, 4min, 1988/2009
  • Veracruz without ship, Super-8/DV, 4min, 2014

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Vulcano Vertical - Jacob Kirchheim and Teresa Delgado
Vulcano Vertical - Jacob Kirchheim and Teresa Delgado


Z-Bar, Berlin - Berlin, Alemania


De Jueves, Mayo 30, 2019 - 21:00 hasta Viernes, Mayo 31, 2019 - 20:55



De Jueves, Mayo 30, 2019 - 21:00 hasta Viernes, Mayo 31, 2019 - 20:55


  • Bergstr. 2
    D-10115   Berlin
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