Digital Phantasmagoria, the exhibition

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Phantasmagoria is the trouble of an illusionist image, of the indescribable penetration into the real, of the loss of practical convictions. It’s to approach the limits of folly. To explore boundaries of reasonable, of rational, of tangible. To push them, to cross them. To bury them, to destroy them. To explore the depths of imaginary.

The effervescence fo dream, outpouring of nightmare. To let itself go into the essence of fantastic and fantasy, to transcribe visions, sounds, sensations, disturbed and emancipated follies. Terror and wonder, charm and horror, delight and disgust, fantasmagoria as an incarnation of paradox connecting all of the others, fruit from the flaw between conscious and unconscious, child of the deepest dream, casual ecstasy of unconsciousness.

At the moment of full digital, where the new technologies embrace minds to get to adventure into a new cosmic dimension, between perception and loss of itself, unreal and palpable, in this world where the light of video projections and screens is a new source of exploration of the consciousness and of the sensitive worlds, isn’t phantasmagoria cover itself with a new adornment, isn’t it offer an imaginary of the ordered chaos that is appropriate to discover?

COSMIC is offering you to revisit the subject of phantasmagoria in its sens of psychic through the new technologies medium to establish together a possible journey between some manifestations of the delirium dream, even to define a gradation of it, making the viewer into a potential Alice advancing into his digital wonderland, towards a saga of fictional senses, an phantasmagoric and digital adventure.

----- Artistes cosmiques-----
Adriana Boto / Portugal 
OB / France
Ivan Murit / France
Jeff D.Zign / France
Magali Rifflart-Villeneuve / France 
Valentine Vera / France / Uruguay
Margaux Taleux / France
Darko Vukić / Serbie
Alexia Antuofermo / France

----- Vernissage -----
Vendredi 18 mai 2018 à partir de 18h30 jusqu'à 23h
Entrée libre

-----Infos pratiques-----
Le Cornichon Volant, 45 Rue du Président Wilson, 93230 Romainville
Métro : Mairie des Lilas
Bus : 105 ou 109 arrêt Mairie de Romainville

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Viernes, Mayo 18, 2018 - 18:30
  • 45 Rue du Président Wilson
    93230   Romainville
    48° 52' 59.8044" N, 2° 25' 54.0948" E