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CROSSROADS 2020 is the eleventh manifestation of Cinematheque's annual film festival, presented this year online and free to the public. CROSSROADS 2020 consists of 9 programs featuring 84 works of film and video by 71 artists representing 22 countries and territories.

Replete with works from well-known filmmakers and “new discoveries,” CROSSROADS 2020—curated for collective viewing in cinema space—provides an immersive, largely non-narrative, experience of expressive light and sound, poetic approaches to documentary and portraiture, sensuous explorations of biology and landscape and speculative essay. MAJOR THEMES of CROSSROADS 2020 include considerations of the relationships between home, homeland, nation and community; displacements of intimacy in the mediated (and quarantined) age; explorations of the conceptual and material boundaries between the physical world and  online space and paradoxes of forgetting in this infinitely archived era. CROSSROADS 2020 features memorial tributes to filmmakers Bruce Baillie and Luther Price.


Get the thrill of the festival experience by joining us for a series of scheduled livestreams August 21–29. Can’t make it? Don’t have the time? All programs available on a view-when-desired basis August 30–September 30. It's all happening at


Faith Arazi | Bruce Baillie | Stephanie Barber | Jon Behrens | Orit Ben-Shitrit | Michael Betancourt | Giuseppe Boccassini | Emily Chao | Gloria Chung | Olivia Ciummo | Charlotte Clermont | Colectivo los ingrávidos | Susan DeLeo | Francisca Duran | Carl Elsaesser | Zachary Epcar | Kevin Jerome Everson | Courtney Fellion | Siegfried A. Fruhauf | Brittany Gravely | Karissa Hahn | Mike Hoolboom | Sky Hopinka | Hua Xi Zi | Onyeka Igwe | Youngzoo Im | Martina Hoogland Ivanow | Silvestar Kolbas | Kamila Kuc | Moira Lacowicz | Kerry Laitala | Matthew Lax | Phillip Andrew Lewis | Simon Liu | Diana Sánchez Maciel | Jodie Mack | J.M. Martínez | Carleen Maur | Jesse McLean | Gregorio Méndez | Frédéric Moffet | Meredith Moore | Madeleine Mori | Jeremy Moss | Tomonari Nishikawa | Naween Noppakun | Lydia Nsiah | Laura J. Padgett | Zack Parrinella | Nisha Platzer | Luther Price | Miko Revereza | Michael Robinson | Margaret Rorison | Lynne Sachs | Rajee Samarasinghe | Talena Sanders | Linda Scobie | Anna Cecilia Seaward | Anne Lesley Selcer | Wenhua Shi | Eeva Siivonen | Jean Sousa | Giuseppe Spina | Deborah Stratman | Natalie Tsui | Douglas Urbank | Bruno Varela | Calum Walter | Kit Young | Leonardo Zito


De Viernes, Agosto 21, 2020 (Todo el día) hasta Miércoles, Septiembre 30, 2020 (Todo el día)



De Viernes, Agosto 21, 2020 (Todo el día) hasta Miércoles, Septiembre 30, 2020 (Todo el día)