Cosmovisions: Works by Scott Barley and Mikel Guillén

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The screening is programmed around the work of two artists who interweave phenomenological bodies and cosmic dimensions with a resolutely post-digital approach. Both draw their images and sounds from nature while combining them with non-realist post-production techniques. From these methods emerge image flows and acoustic rhythms that take the viewer to other worlds. The films screened were chosen so that this cosmic dimension in the interaction of visions of human and non-human bodies alongside those of affective nature becomes readily apparent.

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Scott Barley
Mikel Guillén

- The Natural State (Guillén, 2014, 15 min.)
- Mütter (Guillén, 2015, 8 min.)
- Intermission (Guillén, 2017, 10 min.)
- The Sadness of the Trees (Barley & Guillén, 2015, 12 min.)
- Nightwalk (Barley, 2013, 7 min.)
- Hunter (Barley, 2015, 14 min.)
- Womb (Barley, 2017, 17 min.)

Curation & Design: Milan Kroulík
Translations: Markéta Jakešová

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Viernes, Septiembre 29, 2017 - 19:00


  • Dittrichova 9
    120 00   Praha 2
    República Checa
    50° 4' 28.0416" N, 14° 24' 55.9296" E