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Nicky Hamlyn and Neil Henderson both make observational films that are most obviously documentaries when they focus on sites that are fast disappearing. Hamlyn's Gasometers 4 is part of a series of films recording the dismantling of gas holders in North London, while Henderson's Grain Tower centres on a giant power station chimney that has recently been demolished. In both filmmakers' work there is a reciprocal relationship between the subject documented and the mode of shooting and editing, which often involves either a fixed stare or sequences of single frames. A broad and recurrent concern in their work is the transitory nature of objects as images and light, especially in Henderson's reprised Candle films and Hamlyn's fascination with filmic depiction as a mode of interplay between grain and image.

Nicky Hamlyn:

  • Polytunnels (2012) 22mins, 16mm, colour, silent
  • Gasometers 4 (2015) 8mins, 16mm, colour, silent
  • Films (2015) 3mins, video, sound

Neil Henderson:

  • Candle (2017) 3mins, 16mm, b/w, silent
  • Grain Tower (2016) 10mins, 16mm, colour, sound
  • Candle (2017) 3mins, 16mm, colour, silent
  • Pool (2012) 10mins, 16mm, colour, silent

​The two additional works that Nicky and Neil have chosen to show are Nick Collins' Square and Mountain (2010, 4mins, 16mm, colour, silent) and Robert Morris' Mirror (1971, 9mins, 16mm, b/w, silent).



Lunes, Julio 3, 2017 - 19:30


  • 38 Upper Clapton Rd
    E5 8BQ   London
    Reino Unido
    51° 33' 34.5024" N, 0° 3' 22.3704" W