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Amy Dickson and Jamie Jenkinson have both made substantial series of video works with mobile phones, usually with single takes that suggest an intuitive and spontaneous approach to shooting - a mode which they consider intrinsic to their medium. They resist reshooting and post-production. Hence their work foregrounds and promotes the act of looking, embracing a certain amount of wandering and the potential for 'errors'. At the same time, the eye that they each bring to their work involves ways of composing a moving image that is practised and honed. In addition, they also often set out to explore strategies that exercise resolution, exposure, focus or the misuse of 'apps' and automatic camera settings. The world that they find close to hand - whether gardens, farmyards, local parks, bedrooms or city streets - is where they go looking. The programme includes two new video-performance pieces and a single-screen video that they will have made together on the day.

Amy Dickson:

  • Mum's Garden (2017) 2mins 4secs
  • Wind I Screen (2016) 2mins 45secs
  • Winter Walk (2016) 2mins 48secs
  • Reeds II  (2016) 5mins 54secs
  • N, S, E, W II (2017) video-performance, 5mins 

​Jamie Jenkinson:

  • BZZZ, (26/05/17) iPhone 7 plus, 4mins 35secs
  • Llyn Padarn (03/06/17) iPhone 7 plus, 1min 50secs 
  • Bulls (21/06/17) iPhone 7 plus, 3mins 23secs  
  • Cockadoodledoo (24/06/17) iPhone 7 plus, 8mins 25secs
  • Three Kitchen Pans (10/07/17) live video editing performance, 6mins

​The two additional works that Amy and Jamie have chosen to show are Chris Welsby's Wind Vane (1972, 8mins, two-screen 16mm) and Józef Robakowski's Nearer Further (1985, 4mins, video).​​



Lunes, Julio 10, 2017 - 19:30


  • 38 Upper Clapton Rd
    E5 8BQ   London
    Reino Unido
    51° 33' 34.5024" N, 0° 3' 22.3704" W