Collapsible Landscapes: The Work of Sabrina Ratté and Le Révélateur

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Pleasure Dome and The Drake Hotel are pleased to present a curated selection of Sabrina Ratté’s video works followed by a live performance by Le Révélateur, making their Toronto debut. Since 2009, Montréal artist Sabrina Ratté has been meticulously crafting and dismantling entire worlds. Wedding the boundary-pushing exploration of early computer art with the boundlessness of natural vistas, Ratté’s work approaches the digital sublime through the lens of media archaeology, building and blurring landscapes with the grace of a neon Turner or Friedrich.

From early works of still and moving images subjected to myriad manipulations—rendering natural and built environments as malleable as computer code—the program will also highlight recent projects, with Ratté further exploring the play of light, depth, and magnetism within wholly digital images. In addition to personal video work, installations, music videos, and visual art, Ratté has closely collaborated for many years with musician Roger Tellier-Craig (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am) as Le Révélateur, who will present a special A/V performance. DJ set by Anti Hero (Jokers of the Scene).

The following evening Ratté will present a special artist talk and workshop, presenting work of computer art pioneers, demonstrating digital and analog techniques, and situating her work between music, performance, and video.



Lunes, Julio 6, 2015 - 19:30
  • 1150 Queen St. West
    Toronto, Ontario
    Teléfono: +1 416-531-5042
    43° 38' 35.1888" N, 79° 25' 28.7256" W